Welcome to OWS (Our Write Side) Cyber Convention. As you navigate around our site, you will see a lot happening, and many things going on at the same time. With that said, sometimes, it can become overwhelming and at times confusing. When you get to that point, stop in here on our resources page.

Here you will find first your genre manager, who will guide you through the setup of your pages, and be in charge of the events in your specific genre. Also, you will find images here. You are welcome to share them on social media, your newsletters, on your blog/website–anywhere your readers and followers will see that you are participating in the event. Event-specific images will be added as they are created. Check in from time to time for new shareable images, and check in on your genre page as well, where managers will announce the events you are taking part in. Thank you for your patience during our sign-up period, and we look forward to working with you all.

Genre Managers

Please feel free to email your genre manager with any questions you may have.


  • Now to March 15 – Recruitment Phase 1
    • Our focus is on getting authors, bloggers, booktubers, and podcasters signed up for the event in general and the genre non-specific events.
  • March 15 to April 15
    • Genre managers are setting up genre events and creating forms for signing up.
    • Recruitment Phase 2, with an emphasis on sponsors and service providers
  • April 15 to May 16
    • Participants preparing your posts for blog hops, getting your “booth” set up, etc.
    • Recruitment Phase 3 – getting readers excited about CyCon by sharing on social media
  • May 17-19 CyCon

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Animated Graphics


Event Graphics

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Fantasy and Sci Fi Readers Lounge Takeover Graphics

Sci Fi Blog Hops and Giveaway Graphics

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