Horror/Thriller Character Battles


Bloody and Triumphant, one has emerged in Victory!


The Cimmerian!


Congratulations, and be sure to check out The Cimmerians by Theresa Jacobs for more on this character.



Chance Welfrey of Dead by Morning (Rituals of the Night Series) and Jesse Lynn Belle from Hell Bent Arc 1



Suave and collected, Chance can melt the hearts of just about anyone that he meets. He’s intelligent though he doesn’t make a show of it. He’s also a deadly psychopath who can manipulate anyone to make sure things go the way he wants.




The notorious killer of Visions Studios, Jesse Lynn Belle has dealt with one Travis Malone a number of times. She used to star in a series of snuff films, but since Travis and his brother-in-law put her out of business, she’s been driven by one thing: revenge.




The Cimmerian from The Cimmerians and Brian Avyers from Wife ‘n’ Death



The Cimmerian are the shadows of the souls of evil men, who seek escape from beyond the veil.





Brian Avyers is a haunted soul trapped in his own home with the wife who killed him.





Chief Salinger from Cataclysm and Brandon Cass from The Vampire Within



Chief Salinger is a Chief of police in a one-horse town, working around the clock to save his people from an unknown monster.





Brandon Cass is an average teenager, with a boring life until one day he wakes up craving blood. Something inside him commands his actions, his thoughts, and makes him do unspeakable things.




Travis Malone from Hell Bent Arc 1 and Brimorie from Sudden Death


A lab experiment in Hell Bent, PA, Travis is no stranger to death. The monkey-man is nearly-immortal, having returned from the dead numerous times. His hair grows whenever he returns, bleeds when cut (and hurts when it’s cut), and when he heals from stuff, he needs to eat, lest he enters a sort of zombie mode where he’ll resort to cannibalism without realizing it (the only thing to save someone is if they smell familiar).







The Demon of technology. He was born with the computer age and kills without discrimination when released.