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    The latest from Valkyrie ll: Thanks Mara Reitsma! 😛

    “I can’t wait.” Sif added with a delighted grin and placed a kiss on Gil’s stubble-covered cheek. “Loki’s going to get a taste of his own medicine, and it’s high time, too!” She giggled, but stopped short with a tilt of her head. “Yet, what if Ashe doesn’t want to play along?” She inquired softly, as if speaking the words too loud would see them come to pass. “We can’t force her to do this.”
    “Are you kidding me? She’s an assassin. One of their primary skills is impersonation, to get close to their target.” Gil assured them. “I’ve done similar things myself, to help me blend in. It’s all about the reconnaissance, learning the targets habits so you can plan your attack. I’m sure she’d jump at the chance to pay Malice back in a big way.”
    “Has he ever seen Ashe before? Won’t he be able to tell the difference?” Sif asked, nuzzling into Gil’s neck.
    “She is quite skilled in the art of illusion.” Mist sighed, having given in to the persuasion at hand. “I have seen it for myself.”
    “And if he doesn’t follow Ashe’s illusion of Malice and spill all he knows?” Sif cut in again. “I mean, knowing she was here would surely light a candle beneath him…”
    “You mean, light a fire under his ass!” Gil chuckled, itching for a drink as his females rested against him.
    “Yes, a fire under his ass.” Sif grinned and nipped at his ear.
    He knew where this was going and if he had any hope in all the hells that were of seeing this through, he couldn’t give in to their wiles. “We will be prepared for all actions he might take.” He explained, pulling away from them and making for the desk, he poured himself a drink.
    “How can we prepare, if we don’t know what he will do?” Mist asked, taking a seat across from him once more.
    “I may be able to help answer that.” Came a voice from the doorway and all three of them turned to find a young, dark haired female waiting for permission to enter.
    “Oh?” Mist let out, rising from her chair to usher the female in.
    “You have information for us regarding the prisoner?” Gil inquired, taking a seat in his own chair with drink in hand. “Do you know why he’s come? Other than killing me, that is.”
    “He made no mention of killing anyone, save for someone called Zander.” The female replied, her head still hung as she stood with hands clasped before her. “He’s looking for something.”
    “Would explain why he was in the Hall in the first place.” Mist looked to Sif and then Gil. “There is much in that room to cause harm…”
    “A weapon of sorts.” Gil nodded in agreement.
    “And if he needed a weapon, to kill you?” She added, giving Gil reason to consider the question for a moment.
    “We must take an inventory of the Hall, in case this isn’t the first time he’s been here.” Sif cut in, but Mist shook her head.
    “How do you know this?” She let out, eyeing the female. “What is your name?”
    “Morgan, my lady.” The female replied. “I was asked to speak with the prisoner, in hopes I could, tame him.”
    “Tame him?” Sif blurted out.
    “How?” Gil added, taking another drink.
    “You are the Bard that Vanessa speaks of, and very fondly I might add.” Mist’s suspicion diminished and she smiled. “The two of you are, close?”
    “As close as we can be!” The female smiled back.
    “Well, if you can tame that one, then perhaps you could tame Loki, if you had about five-thousand years.” Sif rolled her eyes and let out a giggle. “Firemages are temperamental at the best of times.”
    “They do play with fire!” Morgan reminded her.
    “Indeed!” Mist laughed. “But what about Loki? What did he say?”
    “It was more of what he wouldn’t say, or do, for that matter. Even Vanessa tried, but he would have none of her seductive ways.” Morgan explained. “He loves her.”
    “Who?” Gil choked out, placing his drink on the desk before him.
    “Loki loves Malice. It’s clear as day on face when you say her name. Were he ice, she would be the flame that melts him.” Morgan grinned. “She says jump, he asks not only how high but also where he’s to land.”
    “Are you serious?” Mist narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms before her.
    “His only wish is to find, it, and return to her, to please her. My guess, is that he’s in the doghouse for something and he’s trying to make it up to her.”
    “And he said nothing of what, it, was?” Gil inquired, scratching at the stubble on his chin.
    “No, he did not.”
    “And if Malice appears to him before he’s gotten what he came for…”
    “He was searching the Hall, and who knows what the legions have stored in there.” Sif cut in.
    “There could be a nuclear weapon in there for all we know.” Gil muttered, then poured another drink. “Get the Elves to inventory every weapon in Rihmsjalier. The repairs on the gate are almost complete and when they’re done, it’s to remain locked at all costs. We can’t risk anyone else popping in to raid the armories.”
    “We need to know what his plans are.” Mist looked to Morgan. “Ask Vanessa to step up her attempts, perhaps even mention the Hall itself as a place she’d love to, take him.”
    Morgan grinned back at her and turned on her heels, making for the door. Gil sat in his chair, rubbing at his eyes, and Sif waited patiently for Mist to stop pacing back and forth.
    “You’ll wear a whole in the carpet.” She sighed, letting her chin rest in her hand.
    “Sif, can you handle the inventory?” Mist stopped short and eyed their lover. “I will go will Gil and speak with Ashe. The sooner we find out what’s going on, the better.”
    Sif rose from her chair and stretched her arms up, over her head. “Finally.” She grinned, blowing a kiss in Gil’s direction. “I will see the two of you, at evening meal.”



    Interview with Malice.

    I was decidedly nervous about this interview as I speak quietly as I walk.
    “Malice is not known for her patience. She can be sarcastic egotistical and downright crude. So don’t be shocked at what she might tell you if anything all at and above all for the love of god be polite.” I warn everyone as I lead you down the busy street into an affluent neighborhood.
    As you go down the street you see shops and businesses high rise offices and luxury apartments on the city famous gold coast lining the shores of Lake Michigan.
    In the distance you see a three-story building older than the rest of the buildings by far its a brownstone four stories tall that dates back to probably the early twentieth century, Its very well maintained, the most curious thing about it you can see are the flowers rose bushes you notice all of the flowers are a midnight black.
    “Wow, where did she get those I’ve never seen a rose quite this dark.. Someone in the group says as I turn back to them.
    “Hopefully you’ll never see another one other than here.”
    I get confused looks from the people with me as we approach the door to the building. It is no different than any of the other residences that line this part of the street except for one curious thing, a brass plaque, aged with another black rose engraved into its surface, below it reads simply, “Ring Bell for service.”
    “Remember don’t be shocked by anything she says and remember this is her domain.” I give one final warning before I push the bell’s button.
    Immediately there is a small window opens as two steely eyes gray eyes look each of you over. Then a voice authoritative and female speaks.
    “What business do you have with the Rose?”
    “I have a secret I wish to share. I here to see the Rose herself is she in? I have an appointment.” I respond nervously. As the door slides shut all eyes turn to me. One of the men looks at me.
    “Mark what is this place, is it a brought us to a whore house?”
    “Shh keep your voice down. Yes, it’s a brothel or it used to be Malice will explain it now button it..if you wish to leave go now. Last chance.”
    “The Rose will see you Mark be welcome all the Chicago Chapterhouse of the Black Rose.” the woman says as she opens the door. Once inside we are surrounded by dark wood and antique furniture. A mahogany bar at least twenty feet long stretches further into the room.
    The male that asked about the brothel is speechless looking around as are the rest of you. We all are suddenly startled by the sound of a piano playing. In the corner is antique Steinway grand piano, at its keys is an extremely beautiful young woman with platinum blonde nearly silver hair she looks up as she plays..the tune is something you recognize, Its “My Immortal” by Evanescence. Her gaze is almost enough to make your heart stop her eyes are the color of Amethyst.
    When she stands, she is dressed in a gown of black silver and gold split up to the hip. She is probably one of the tallest women you’ve ever seen nearly seven feet all athletically built her muscles covered in flawless tawny skin. The only thing that itself enhances her beauty is a curious tattoo on the back of her left hand..another black rose that covers most of it.
    I stand back as she rises from the piano bench and looks intently at each of the group..she examines each one of you closely. As she does you feel a chill go through you.
    “Who are you?” The male manages to stammer when he swallows. Then one of the women asks “What are you?”
    The woman chuckles, as she continues to walk around the group occasionally reaching out to slide her hand across the men’s shoulders.
    “Who I am and what I am is a very long tale. I have had many names in the tongues of humankind. Morrigan, Sekhmet, Kali to name a few but you can call me Mal.”
    The woman pauses to let the realization of who she is set in..then the whispers start.
    “Mal? This is Malice!!?” The male whispers in my ear as she touches him on the shoulder then speaks again. “As to what I am the short answer is a Valkyrie.”
    “Allow me to formally introduce myself I am Malice daughter of Janice. Queen of the Valkyrie and Grandmistress of the Black Rose. How may I serve?”
    One of the women looks to Malice who doesn’t seem to be very servile at all.
    “May I ask a question what is the Black Rose?” She asks..still looking about her in wonder. Malice looks at her with a curious tilt to her head. I grin knowingly, the Valkyrie is looking at her as a potential recruit.
    “The Black Rose is more than just a brothel, it’s a guild; and one of many! Inside each one is an assortment of souls who live for one thing; one, purpose…” The Valkyrie paused, admiring the handcrafted plaque beside the door.
    “You did what, with a whore house?” The male asks, his eyes lighting up as his mind began to spin.
    “They’re not whores, they’re Petals!” Malice snapped back at him and rolled her eyes. “Not every Petal is the same, you know? And yet each one stands to fortify the Rose as a whole. Each one is unique, bringing with them the strength and skills of many different races!”
    “They’re still whores!” comes another voice female this time.
    “Some may fancy the flesh, while others strive only to grasp at the secrets revealed amidst those bouts of pleasure. Each one knows that in that sin filled moment of passion, not even the deepest and darkest of secrets can remain hidden!”
    “And they gather these secrets for you?” came the next question.
    “When the nights are cold and lonely, is it the coin in your pocket that warms your bed, my friend? Or the sensual touch of a female so desperate for your body, that the cold seems so weak when compared to the shudders that erotic caress can send down your spine?”
    “Wait, what? How the hell?” The male wondered still no comprehending what Malice was saying scratching at his head. He’d heard a lot of things, but this was nuts.
    “She took the whorehouses, and gave the whores purpose! They trade in something more valuable than gold and jewels now!” I say with a grin as I nod my head. “That’s quite the empire, Malice! I’m impressed! People will pay a pretty penny for what’s said behind closed doors; or rather, moaned!”
    “Everyone has a tale for the Rose!” Malice says as she smiles back at me, and made her way through back to the front to sit in a wingback chair. “And my Petals are always listening!”
    “There spies..she deals in espionage..” Everyone mutters to each other.
    “Spy little sister is too crude a word. I prefer information broker.” She chuckles before saying “Next Question?”



    Confrontation…From Legends IV…:P

    “How do you know she’s not here? Why do you get to feel her, and I can’t? She’s my fucking mate!” He shouted, and went back to hauling off and smashing rocks.
    Malice had to stop to think about that question for a moment as she watched Nyx move another boulder; and another. Five, maybe six more, tossing them behind him, barely missing the lot of them.
    “Hey, we’re trying to help ye, asshole!” Jack protested barely sidestepping the last one.
    When Nyx picked up the another, Malice’s hand came up with a burst of violet light, pieces of rock rained down on him. The Demon turned so fast, hissing at her like he was possessed.
    “Oh shit.” She heard Jack gasp.
    “Move!” Morgan called out as another large rock sailed in their direction.
    The three of them scattered and Malice blinked out of the way, leaving the boulder to crash into a tree nearby.
    “Nyx, you stupid bastard! I don’t know why I can feel her and you can’t, and neither do they!”
    The Demon gave a snarl of frustration as he rushed the Valkyrie, but she spun like a toreador in a bullring, then blinking a few feet away with her back against a tree.
    “Nyx, stop it!” She warned him, her eyes darting to Kember in an attempt to focus her thoughts. “This is your last chance.” She added, looking back with a calm about her.
    “You, don’t get to give me ultimatums!” He growled back at her, a lunged yet another rock in her direction.
    Malice had had enough. If the asshole wanted to play hardball, then so be it. “You asked for it!” She let out, as his fist came flying at her face.
    Like two waves in a storm, they crashed into one another, and Malice managed to flip the Demon over her back and sent him flying into the rock he’d just thrown. It took a moment for his head to stop spinning, but when his mind had stopped, his target was clear as day and panting through labored breaths in front of him.
    “Don’t do this!” Malice cautioned him, but again he growled at her and set off once more. “Fuck!” She hissed, ducking and rolling to one side as the Demon came to a halt.
    “You like to play games?” He snarled, and then laughed when the adrenaline took over.
    “Not too into getting my ass handed to me by a madman!” Malice huffed, annoyed that it had come to this. “You’re insane!”
    The pompous windbag was making it difficult for anyone to get shit done. What was it going to take to make the bastard heel long enough to get him back to the Null?
    Malice braced for the next attack, her fists flying. It was all she could to block is attacks, and then came the blow to her nose. She rolled with it, circling about as her hand assessed the damage; only to come away bloody. Wiping her hand, but not her face, she waited for the next attack; her growl catching everyone’s attention.
    “Shit, this is gonna leave a mark,” Jack said as he watched Malice’s hand ball into a fist, hauling back as Nyx rushed her.
    A brilliant flash of blue and green light exploded from somewhere behind her, dropping the Demon like he’d been poleaxed. It took her a moment, looking at her own fists, not even a remnant of magic sizzling in her palm. It hadn’t come from her.
    “Uh, Malice?” She heard Jack blurt out, and she spun round to see Kember, and the same blue-green flames covering her outstretched fingers.
    “Holy Mother of all the Gods!” Jack finished, his mouth open wide in awe. “What the bloody hell just happened?”
    “That wasn’t in the archives!” Morgan let out, shaking his head in wonder. “That was amazing!”
    Malice stood there, surprised but proud, and blew her lover a kiss. Kember had saved her and rendered the Demon unconscious. “Thank you!” Malice smiled at her.
    “Always!” Kember smiled back, letting the Witchfire diminish as Malice knelt down beside Nyx.
    “You bloody fool!” She sighed, and reached for him, hauling him up and onto her shoulders.”You got off easy, asshole!”



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    Valkyrie Darkness Awaits
    The Novel
    Mark McQuillen & Mara Reitsma
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    #EpicFantasy #Valkyries

    #AdultFantasy #PNR






    He said, she said….:P From Dreamscapes…


    Malice looked up when Sheba arrived she unlocked the door just in time to see Melanie runoff.

    Her daughter sat on the bed before she pushed a lock of hair from her eyes as she could feel the new life in her mother’s womb.

    “I have a new sister, it’s not fathers is it?”

    Malice opened her eyes to look at her daughter. There was an air of power and mystery. She had grown in power and wisdom in the nearly a year that she had been Queen of the Magical Realm.

    “No its Nyx’s don’t tell him yet.” Her mother asked Sheba just nodded hugging her mother.

    “I want but don’t you think he knows already? He’s as sensitive to such things as you are.

    Malice had to think about that. Nyx for all his bluster would be a great father he had helped raise her and her brother.

    “I’ll tell him but I want to tell Mia too,” Mal replied.

    Sheba understood her mother better now. She was so worried about all of her family.

    Her aunt, Kember, and Marena came into the room. Sheba made room for them on the bed. Both of her mothers came in and kissed the Queen of the Valkyrie.

    “I need a potion to get me on my feet.” Malice told them. “The last thing I need is Nyx worrying about me.”

    “You need to rest my love,” Marena said seconded by Kember.

    “I have just the thing. Kember added before laying her hand against Mals abdomen.

    Her witches eyes went wide as she sensed the child within. It was female, even now Kember could feel her power.

    (This is wonderful Mal. Have you thought of a name?)

    (Tisiphone, enough questions for now wife. All we have to do now is get me through this.)

    “So what do we tell Nyx? He’s not going to believe anything but the truth Mal. Mist said sagely smiling as she wrapped her arm around her daughter’s waist.

    “I’ll tell him but not right now.” Malice said as Kember got a potion mixed. She soon had a steaming cup of tea ready for her wife.

    Mal drank it without complaint before getting out of bed and embracing all of them.

    “Thank you, sisters.”

    Nyx and Jack~

    The old soldier just raised an eyebrow as Sheba’s words. She was sounding more like her mother and Aunt every day.

    “Come on laddy, let’s go as Sheba said to tell each other our woes. Sheba, Kember, and Mist will have Mal on her feet in no time. She caught some kind of bug its happened before.” Jack told him before they returned to the bar.

    They were joined soon after by Gil who sat beside Nyx who suddenly realized what was happening.

    “Mals pregnant and its mine.”

    “Yes, she is,” Gil told him as Mist communicated the news.

    “But she hasn’t told you yet because Valkyrie pregnancies can be tricky things. Whatever you do don’t act like you know females are sensitive about such things. Let Malice tell you first.”

    Nyx knew that Gil spoke from experience he had four daughters of his own including Melanie.

    “To Mal and your new daughter. Congratulations Nyx you’re a Papa!”

    Nyx smiled as he clinked glasses with the two Einherjar. Then he frowned.

    “Act like I don’t know what kind of fucked up logic is that.” He asked.

    “It’s just one of the things you get used to when you’re mated. You also need to remember its always your fault. When she asks anything just say yes ma’am.” Gil said sagely which made the demon scowl.

    “Why do you think I’ve never gotten married lad?” Jack added.

    “Women are a bunch of barbarians, twisting words with the best of them until a man doesn’t know up from down. Jack told him.

    Gil looked at his grandfather, he had over the centuries had his share of conquests. He wondered who his grandfather found comfort with Malice didn’t care.

    A couple of the possibilities made Gil grin. Ambrosia led that list or Andromeda. It sort of pained Gil when he was given a second chance at a family and Jack did not.

    “And for god sakes lad there are things in a wee man’s life that if his wife asks him a question you should never answer yes to.

    “Like what?” Nyx asked.

    “Does this dress make my butt look fat is number one, even if it does answer no.

    “That makes absolutely no sense..” Nyx said before Gil poured him another shot.

    “Welcome to the mysterious world of the female psyche. Men have been trying to figure that out for millennia laddie and us poor dumb sods haven’t figured it out yet.” Jack said before clinking glass with Nyx again.

    “To fatherhood, just think you now have someone to teach all your tricks to. I know you’ll be a great one.”


    Devorah Fox

    Great to see you here.



    Hot off the presses.From Valkyrie II the Novel. 😛

    💫❈💫❈DARKNESS RISING ❈💫❈💫
    Mark McQuillen & Mara Reitsma
    #Valkyries #EpicFantasy
    #PNR #Adultfantasy

    “Calm yourself, Loki.”
    “Calm me? Are you serious?” He blurted out, pacing back and forth at the end of the bed. “You’re telling me that she is watching our past? Right here, right now?”
    The thought of it scared the living daylights out of him. The things he’d done, the people he’d done them for, no wonder Tisiphone was filled with such rage. She’d tried to kill him, twice, spouting words like Traitor, Betrayer, and Treason.
    “She is learning.”
    “Come on, Navina, you know more than just, she’s learning.” Loki shook his head, then scratched at the stubble on his chin. “And don’t give me that, I cannot intervene bullshit. This isn’t The Order and Pathen can’t hurt you anymore.”
    “You too, are learning.” She replied, her back to him as she watched the flames in the hearth.
    “And what, you’re my teacher?” He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest as he muttered to himself.
    “No, she is.”
    Those words circled in his mind and he had to think hard. How could Tisiphone teach him anything? She was so young.
    “Age means nothing when you can dream as she does.” Navina turned with a grin on her face. “Look at you, an ancient no less, yet you cease to learn from your mistakes. You are impatient and temperamental. You do not think before you act and you never take responsibility for that which you have left in shambles.”
    “Yes, and you’re such a perfect being, we might as well call you Ellaria.” He snapped back at her. “But then, our most benevolent Lady of Light had a few skeletons in her closet too, didn’t she?”
    “No one is perfect, Loki, not even Ellaria.”
    “At least we both agree on something.” He choked out as Tisiphone began to toss and turn once more.
    “Traitor.” She hissed, though her eyes never opened.
    “We may make mistakes, but at least we learn from them!” Navina’s eyes closed and the room grew colder. “Now it is your turn…” She smiled, waving her hand before the hearth and the flames inside began to dance higher than before.
    Loki couldn’t stop what was happening, his body felt light as a feather and the sounds of footsteps began to echo in his mind. “What are you doing?” He asked, fear taking hold as the scenery melted together and the footsteps grew even louder.
    “Watch, and learn Loki!” Navina’s voice was but a distant whisper and the next thing he knew, he was back in the cold, dark caverns beneath Rihmsjalier…




    Pirate! From WIP Dreamscapes.

    Malice called to Sigrun whos reaction was similar to her Granddaughters.

    (Stella systems scan on the Nekkad.) Malice ordered. As a scarred faced one-eyed scuffy human male with a nasty leer appeared on the screen.

    (No wonder Mia doesn’t want anything to do with him. The mans a brute.) Kember remarked.

    (Pirate!) Mal reminded her with a chuckle.

    Malice put on a completely polite if forced smile before she answered the hail.

    “Commander Trevit its a pleasure to see you again.”

    In the background, Mist made a sound like a loud sneeze that sounded like “Bullshit!”

    Mal glared at her sister who winked at her.

    (These guys are from so far out, they thought the Valkyr were a myth. He wouldn’t know what it meant anyway.)

    “Please, Commander allow me to extend to you the hospitality of the Null in my father’s name. I will meet you in the Great Hall.” (Screen off Stella)

    (Nekkad scans complete, the identity of vessel design confirmed Artemis Class Valkyr Battleship Nekkad. Main Ai and power offline.Extensive Damage to port aft quarter. The ship being guided from main engineering and auxiliary power. Systems at thirty-four percent.)

    “The Regime must have salvaged her.” Sigrun speculated.”As the rightful owner Malice, you have the right to claim it.

    Mal squinted as she looked at her grandmother.

    “Claim says you, leverage says I.”

    Mist and Kember giggled. Nyx just shook his head.

    As Malice and the rest walked to the throne room the Queen of the Valkyrie shifted her clothing to include the tricorner hat and a frock coat covered with black roses.

    Beneath the hat the hair twisted into something resembling dreadlocks as the rest watched.

    When the transformation was complete Malice whispered in their minds:

    (Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
    Drink and the devil had done for the rest
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
    The mate was fixed by the bosun’s pike
    The bosun brained with a marlinspike
    And cookey’s throat was marked belike
    It had been gripped by fingers ten;
    And there they lay, all good dead men
    Like break o’day in a boozing ken
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

    Fifteen men of the whole ship’s list
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
    Dead and be damned and the rest gone whist!
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
    The skipper lay with his nob in gore
    Where the scullion’s ax his cheek had shore
    And the scullion he was stabbed times four
    And there they lay, and the soggy skies
    Dripped down in up-staring eyes
    In murk sunset and foul sunrise
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

    Fifteen men of ’em stiff and stark
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
    Ten of the crew had the murder mark!
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
    Twas a cutlass swipe or an ounce of lead
    Or a yawing hole in a battered head
    And the scuppers’ glut with a rotting red
    And there they lay, aye, damn my eyes
    Looking up at paradise
    All souls bound just contrawise
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

    Fifteen men of ’em good and true
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
    Ev’ry man jack could ha’ sailed with Old Pew,
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
    There was chest on chest of Spanish gold
    With a ton of plate in the middle hold
    And the cabins riot of stuff untold,
    And they lay there that took the plum
    With sightless glare and their lips struck dumb
    While we shared all by the rule of thumb,
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

    More was seen through a sternlight screen
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
    Chartings undoubt where a woman had been
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
    ‘Twas a flimsy shift on a bunker cot
    With a dirk slit sheer through the bosom spot
    And the lace stiff dry in a purplish blot
    Oh was she wench or some shudderin’ maid
    That dared the knife and took the blade
    By God! she had stuff for a plucky jade
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

    Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
    Drink and the devil had done for the rest
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
    We wrapped ’em all in a mains’l tight
    With twice ten turns of a hawser’s bight
    And we heaved ’em over and out of sight,
    With a Yo-Heave-Ho! and a fare-you-well
    And a sudden plunge in the sullen swell
    Ten fathoms deep on the road to hell,
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!)

    “I know you’re quoting Mal but that’s creepy, yo.”

    Malice giggled kissing her wife and husband on the cheeks before she spoke.

    “That should be yo, ho, ho, husband” Mal explained.

    “What’s that from Mal?” Kember asked.

    “A book written on earth in the nineteenth century called Treasure Island by Robert Lewis Stevenson. His were fictional pirates. Let’s see what Commander Trevit has to say for himself.”



    Hey Mark, good to meet you. Loved the little back and forth between our characters. It just goes to prove, they might exist in a different dimension, but they’re just as real as we are. Good show!



    Some of you are aware that Mara and I have a group called the Black Rose where we live write the Legends and Valkyrie books. Heres the latest writing thread where you too can be Valkyrie or anything else for that matter. We are telling Malices origin story….thanks, Mara Reitsma! If you want an invite to our little group here’s the link:

    Let us begin, in the beginning…. the beginning of the Dark Years, at least…

    Into the Shadows- A Tale from the Petals


    “What have you done?” Her voice echoed off the walls of the bedchamber. “Do not move, or I…”
    “Will what? Sound the alarm? Call for the guards? Draw, your sword?” She laughed back, the dagger still clenched in her hand as the droplets of blood landed on her cream-colored boots.
    “To do so, would be treason. You know this.”
    “And what I have done here, is not?” She laughed again and pointed to the lifeless corpse of her mother, laying at the end of her bed.
    It was a ghastly sight, her mouth wrenched open as if to scream and her eyes like saucers. It was pathetic, really, but she was dead, it wasn’t her fault she couldn’t control herself…
    “What you have done is disturbing, but well within your rights as an heir to the throne.” Marwolaeth sighed and shook her head. “But your sister will not like this…”
    “She will be angry, yes, but only that it was not her blade that did the deed.” Anaxa laughed. “She would be even angrier if she thought her beloved had committed such an act.”
    “Syra would never believe your lies, Anaxa, for I have never given her reason to question my loyalty.” Marwolaeth brushed a lock of her long, golden hair that had fallen from her braid, away from her face. “She is mine, and I am hers.”
    “Yes, it’s revolting, isn’t it?” Anaxa rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her hips. “And you are right, she would never believe such lies. so I will just have to find another to take your place in my plans.”
    “You have no plans, Anaxa, you belong to the council and they will want to question your actions,” Marwolaeth growled back, her hand on her sword. “You will accompany me to the council chamber.”
    “I do not think so, as I said, I have plans.” Anaxa smiled and her red eyes began to glow. “Perhaps, you may still be useful…” She added, but something behind her, drew her attention, giving Marwolaeth an opportunity to subdue her. “Not, going to happen,” Anaxa shouted, holding her hand up to block the attack, and let an orb the color of her eyes, fly from her fingertips and impact against Marwolaeth’s chest.
    One moment, Marwolaeth was standing on her feet with sword drawn, then next, she was pinned against the wall and every ounce of energy was draining from her body. She couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, but she could hear the words emanating from across the room.
    “A child? But, from where?” Anaxa sounded so confused. “But there were to be only twelve…”
    Indeed, Anaxa was confused. There was no doubt about it, the child was of royal blood, but there was something else about her that made Anaxa question her orders. Who was this child? Who was its sire? Why had The Queen Mother never mentioned she was with child? Was this the reason Syra was so adamant that the Queen Mother be left alone? Had she plans for this child?
    “Put the child down, Anaxa!” Another voice entered the room, followed by a gasp as their eyes set upon Marwolaeth, slumped against the wall.
    “You, dare give me orders?”
    “She is special, Anaxa, untouched by the wickedness of your sire.”
    “She is an abomination. There were only supposed to be twelve of us.” Anaxa shouted, which in turn caused the child to cry. “Hush now, it will all be over soon!”
    “I won’t let you harm her.” The voice shouted.
    “Harm her? Who said anything about harming her?” Anaxa grinned, her eyes glowing red once more. “Really, T’siphony, why would I harm my own child?”
    “She is not your child.” The female let out, eyeing the unconscious Marwolaeth one last time. “Leave her alone…”
    “I have no intention of harming her, or you, but someone has to take the blame for this mess…” Without another word, Anaxa’s hand rose and another orb flew from her fingers, striking T’siphony as she turned.
    “She is not, your child.” T’siphony whimpered, hitting the ground hard.
    “No one knows she exists and soon enough, you will face the blade for your treason…” There was no point in finishing, for T’siphony lay in a pile on the floor, unconscious and barely breathing beside her apprentice. “Pity, you both fought so bravely once.” She added, slipping the dagger into T’siphony’s hand before kneeling down beside Marwolaeth. “The child will need a protector, and you, my friend, will be perfect.”
    No sooner had she spoken, but her hand passed over Marwolaeth’s forehead and her Host began to shudder. “Please, stop?” She mumbled though she was too far gone to stop Anaxa.
    “Sleep now and know that when you wake, you will be stronger than ever.” Anaxa smiled, then rose to her feet and turned to the child. “And you, my sweet, I shall name you, To’llan.” She looked down at the child and gently lifted her into her arms. “Now come, I have great plans for you.”

    Chapter One…

    “Marena, what do you think?” Anaxa inquired, sitting on the throne as she awaited a reply.
    “I think she is perfect, my lady!” Marena replied, unpinning her long, dark curls from atop her head as she circled the podium upon which the blonde female lay. “But, what of the others?” She turned quickly, eyeing the small gathering of females who huddled to one side.
    “What do you think we should do with them, child?” Anaxa grinned, bringing her drink to her lips.
    Marena bowed her head, knowing it was not she that the Queen spoke to, but the Host inside her. Marena was but a vessel for the creature within.
    “Our protector will need energy if she is to reach her prime.” The voices escaped Marena’s lips as her body drew closer to the females in question, but it was To’llan who answered and Marena felt her hands rise up. “We would offer theirs in exchange for her promise of allegiance.”
    No sooner had the Queen nodded, but Marena felt the cool chill run through her and watched as her Host collected their life essence with the dark lanterns at her sides. A dismal sight, as the cries turned to whimpers and then nothing at all, their bodies now scattered about her feet. She hated what she had become, but there was no escape for her. It had been so long, she hardly remembered her people, or how she came to serve the darkness…
    ‘Hush now!’ To’llan spoke so only Marena could hear. ‘It will all be over soon.’ To’llan assured her. ‘And with a vessel such as this…’ Marena found herself before the blonde female, tracing her lips with her fingers. ‘…this, Valkyrie…’
    It was erotic, sinful, the way To’llan seemed to caress the female ‘What was her name?’ Marena asked her Host.
    ‘Her name was Marwolaeth.’ To’llan replied.
    ‘No, the Hosted, what was her name?’
    ‘Her people called her Malice, but we shall call her our love!’ To’llan grinned, setting the lanterns down on either side of the Valkyrie.
    “She will be our love!” To’llan spoke up for her Queen to hear.
    “Of course, my child,” Anaxa replied, eyeing Pathen across the room.
    Who was she to deny her Host or her Queen? Marena was but a vessel…



    Now a little of Gil and his exploits.

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    Valkyrie Darkness Awaits
    The Novel
    Mark McQuillen & Mara Reitsma
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    #EpicFantasy #Adultfantasy

    #Valkyries #PNR

    From Valkyrie 1 the novel… Meeting Freya.. 😛

    “Where are you going, lover?” Sif asked as he bustled about the room looking for his jacket.
    “Map room.” He replied, spying it on the floor behind a chair.
    He loved that jacket. A reminder of what had been and the memories he’d always have. All he had to do was put it on and the leather scent would take him back. It was his lucky charm and with the idea sprouting in his mind, he was going to need it. “Mist, could you find Ashe for me? I need to ask her about Malice, and Ghost Mountain.”
    The look on his Valkyrie’s face was one of concern. “Be careful of your words. Both, are very touchy subjects.” She sighed and shook her head.
    “How so?” He blurted out, then wondered if he even wanted to know.
    “Malice murdered Ashe’s entire family in the depths of the mountain,” Sif spoke, the sorrow in her voice. “She is the rightful heir to the Ghost Throne.”
    Now if that didn’t set a man to shivering, Gil didn’t know what could and he ran his hand through his hair. “There’s an old saying back home, in Midgard, ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend.’ Her knowledge is invaluable, but we cannot take our eyes off of her.”
    “Keep your friends close, and your enemies, closer?” Sif giggled.
    “That too!” Gil smiled as he pulled on the leather bomber jacket. “We’ll need to form the rescue team. If you all want Thor back in one piece…”
    “They may contain the Gods in glowing cages, but never could they kill one of them.” Sif laughed, making for the door, but Gil wasn’t laughing, and neither was Mist.
    It was clear to him now, that Mist had seen enough in his vision to know something was up, though she’d kept it to herself. She struck him as a female who liked secrets even less than she liked lies, truth and justice were her guides. She had no time for it, but that didn’t mean it didn’t bother her.
    Shaking his head, he followed behind her, his thoughts clouded with concern. They made for the map room with Sif in the lead and when arrived, they found the digital display hosting a layout of a monstrous chasm. Among those already in the room, was one he had never seen before, armored in gold and silver and at her hip, nestled in the crook of her arm, was a helm with a hundred white feathers cascading down the back.
    Long, platinum blonde hair, braided a thousand times and hanging down her back, and curves that left Gil a little shook. The female stood there, deep in thought with her back to them, and beside her was a man with blond hair and blues eyes. Eyeing Mist, and then the pair of newcomers, Gil raised a brow.
    “Gil, this Balder.” Mist started, introducing the male first. “He arrived from Asgard to relieve the siege, only to find it already done, thanks to you.” She smiled, kissing Gil on the cheek as the male bowed his head.
    “I am very glad to meet you.” Balder chuckled, but Gil was still captivated by the commanding force of his companion. “In all honesty, I half-expected everyone to be dead, or on their last legs.” He added as he shook the ex-soldiers hand and Gil jumped.
    “Sorry, what was that?” Gil muttered and Mist laughed.
    “It would seem our boy has a crush!” She giggled, and the female turned from the map to witness the cause of the commotion. “My Lord, Gil? May I introduce you to the most benevolent…”
    “Really, Mist?” The female stopped her with a huff and turned to Gil. “My name is Freya!” She smiled and bowed her head. “And you, are a hero! Without your strength, courage, and wisdom, many of my people would be dead right now.”
    “We would have been, without his cunning and resourcefulness,” Sif added as she smiled at Gil.
    She opened her mouth to say more when a chill hit the room and they all turned to see Ashe enter through the doorway, with Tomoe close behind her. “Well, doesn’t everyone say hello at once!” Ashe laughed. “And Freya, looking stunning as ever!”
    “Ashe!” Freya replied. “I must thank you, for helping us obtain these maps.”
    “It is the least I could do, seeing as how you’re all hell-bent on destroying the she-bitch who took everything from me.” Ashe smiled back at the female.
    “And you will reclaim your family’s throne when it is all over, as promised!” Freya bowed her head. “Now come, we must plan!”
    Well now, the only Freya that Gil had ever read about, was a Goddess of Love and Fertility. There’d been no mention of a warrior such as this.
    I know what you are thinking, my love!’ Mist’s voice crept into his mind. ‘Whatever she is, she is still a God, and we must treat her as such!’
    ‘Thank you for reminding me.’ He replied, motioning for a drink from one of the trays nearby.
    ‘There are many things in this world I have yet to understand. I have taken steps to rectify this, but you must understand that the people need her, whoever she is. She gives them hope.’
    It was true, watching how they all flocked about her with smiles on their faces. Her return had lifted their spirits.
    “What say you?” He heard the words but didn’t understand the question.
    “Uh, pardon?” He replied, a little dumbfounded.
    “The Dragon? How do we prepare for her arrival?” Lady Freya inquired with another smile.
    “Uh, tell the watch to keep an eye out for her. They can’t miss her. She should be arriving soon.” Gil blurted out, a little embarrassed to have been caught off-guard; but it wasn’t every day he got to meet a Goddess.
    “Cybelle?” Balder asked with his head cocked to the side, clearly not understanding who she was.
    Freya too was curious. “Cybelle? Is she the Dragon that Malice tricked into doing her bidding? If I remember correctly, she swore she had an egg to trade?”
    “She wanted to use our egg, once she’d destroyed Rihmsjalier.” Sif laughed. “But Gil outwitted her. He figured out what the Dragon wanted and gave her the bloody thing. He even managed to convince her that it would be better to fight with us than trust Malice.”
    “We owe him our lives, my Lady.” Mist added.
    “I must thank you again, Lord Gil, for saving my sisters and for the aid that you have given to the realm.” Freya’s cheeks went red and her eyes began to sparkle. “When the hostages are freed, Odin will surely give you a command position among the Einherjar,” Balder said with new respect in his voice.
    Freya. Odin. Thor. All names from Norse myths and legends. Was it possible that these, beings, were, in fact, the real deal? Were they Gods? Or, as the voices had claimed in his vision, were they something else? Imposters? Pretenders? He couldn’t help but wonder what their story was.
    In a whirl, he saw his whole life flash before his eyes. He felt the fear of death and the overwhelming joy of holding Mist in his arms. He saw each battle he’d fought, every friend he’d ever lost. Like a strip of film, the memory whipped past, so much at once, Gil brought his hand up to his head.
    “Are you alright?” Mist inquired, her hand upon his as he opened his eyes to find Freya smiling at him.
    ‘All in good time!’ Her voice was sharp and a moment later the memories stopped, leaving Gil a little worn out.
    “I’m fine!” Gil replied, shaking his head. “A little too much of the drink last night!” He chuckled, “I’m fine, Mist. I promise!” He smiled at her and took her hand in his, kissing the back of her palm. “But there are some questions we must ask. Lady Ashe, I don’t want to tear open old wounds, and I do apologize in advance if that’s what happens, but we need to know the more about Ghost Mountain and Malice.”
    Ashe held him in her silver gaze for a moment before she started speaking and Gil found it unnerving to have her eyes him. The fact that she was an assassin, and from the other side, only added to the effect.
    “If we must!” Ashe sighed, waving her hand over the map.
    It changed beneath her fingers tips then spread out to encompass the whole room. Gil had no idea what he was looking at, but it wasn’t welcoming, to say the least.
    “Long ago, with the realm plagued by darkness, my family was entrusted to guard the mountain keep and what lay within its depths.”
    “And what was that, exactly?”
    “No one but my father knew and that secret died with him.” Ashe went on. “She arrived with others, storming the fortress from within. None knew how she’d done it, but in the end, my entire family was dead. Some say they were betrayed, others claimed it was the will of the Gods. None of it mattered for I was alone and my only thought was to vengeance.”
    Gil and the others leaned towards the struggling Ashe, hanging on to every word. Mist poured her a glass of water to help clear her dry throat, but she refused.
    “It was a moonless night, one hundred and fifteen years ago to this day.” She shook her head. “And that coward has ruled in my place, ever since.”
    “How accurate is the internal map of Ghost Mountain? Is there anyone still inside that might help us?”
    The female looked closely at the diagram, trying to recall what she knew of the layout. She made several corrections before nodding her head, but there was one door she couldn’t quite place.
    “ I remember to door, just not where it was located. Beyond it, the secret my father held so well. I have no idea what is down there, though my father’s seneschal, Hayden, might. Providing he still lives, of course. He may be able to help if we can find him.”
    “See what you can do.” Gil nodded his head. “Is Malice aware that you survived? Could you get inside the mountain, without her finding out?”
    Ashe appeared deep in thought for a time as if weighing the questions seriously. “I was but a child when the heathen attacked out of nowhere, I hid, in a special place. She never knew I was there, but I could see all the horrors unfolding before my eyes.”
    “So you could slip in, undetected.”
    “If I posed as a trader, I could walk about the upper city, make some discreet inquiries and then leave. Most of the nobles hate her for she’s never delivered on any of their dreams of glory. You aim to put an end to their nightmare, they should fall in line to help.”
    Gil nodded. Current knowledge of what was going on inside the mountain was the key. They might be able to start a revolt, which would add in nicely to the confusion they needed to pull this stunt off. They needed someone on the inside.
    ‘And what exactly, do you plan to do?’ Mist’s voice entered his mind again.
    ‘I mean to take this war to their front doorstep and rescue the hostages.”
    ‘And if Malice is waiting?’
    ‘Then perhaps we’ll get us some answers!’ He chuckled. “Okay, Ashe, what I want you to do is find Hayden and any other dissidents he may know about. Set up a meeting with them as soon as you can. Don’t tell them who we are, just that you have some friends looking to get even.”
    “Can do!” Ashe replied with a grin and before she left, she blew Gil a kiss. “Be safe, Gil. You have embarrassed Malice; she will not forget it so easily.”
    The ex-soldier nodded and looked back to the others. There was still much to be worked out and he intended to do just that. No mission could be planned out perfectly, but damn, he was gonna be close. Rob approached from the other side of the map, looking at Ghost Mountain and as they studied the objective before them, their eyes met.
    “Are you sure we can do this?” Robert finally asked. “We may have bitten off more than we can chew.”
    “We’ve done worse, Rob, and come through with tales to share.” Gil shrugged his shoulders and laughed if only to ease the tension in the room. “Besides, what’s the worst that can happen?”
    “I’m already dead, you haven’t. Think about that. Is this some sort of atonement? Because I don’t blame you for what happened to me. I got careless, that’s all. I died because of me, but to be honest, I gained more than I lost.”
    Gil followed his friend’s gaze to Senna and behind her, a much younger version. Kara was a copy of her elder sister, Senna, and had a look of mischief about her. Together, they sounded like a handful and for a moment, he took pity on his friend.
    “They’re not hard to fall in love with, are they?” Rob said quietly, having changed the subject.
    Gil nodded, looking at the Einherjar that had just entered the room and wondered which of them would join in their quest to rid this realm of Malice, the Destroyer.
    “Put the word out, Rob, we’re looking for volunteers to join the extraction team and we need to know what we’re working with.”

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