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    Timothy Bateson

    Timothy Bateson (Author)Timothy Bateson is an author, amateur falconer, book reviewer, and blogger, with a passion for books. This passion only grew when he started his first job, working at the local libraries.

    Originally born in England during the mid-70s, Bateson trained to become a computer engineer but discovered that he hated the work. So, when he moved to Alaska in 2005, to marry Sandi, he joined the retail service and hasn’t looked back.


    As an author, Bateson writes primarily in Urban Fantasy but ventured into Science Fiction at the request of an anthology publisher that had featured one of his previous short stories.


    As a blogger, Bateson spent over four years running “Ramblings of an Author”, before moving to his blogging efforts to his own website. He loves to feature books and authors from the Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, and Fantasy genres, often highlighting works in the new release, and pre-release categories.

    Amateur Falconer

    Ever since he took a day off school to attend a falconry demonstration, and had the opportunity to handle a Harris Hawk and a Barn Owl, Bateson has been fascinated with birds of prey. Over a lifetime of taking whatever chance he can get to handle and fly these magnificent creatures, he’s handled more birds than he cares to count. But the highlight of those experiences came when handling eagles for the first time at the Chesire Falconry Center in England.

    OWSCyCon 2019 – Executive Director

    Bateson has been part of the CyCon scene since the very beginning. When he heard that Brain to Books would be unable to host the event for 2019, he sought permission to continue the event. Teaming up with Our Write Side, Bateson took on the role of Executive Director to bring you the 2019 OWSCyCon.

    Where to find the author:

    • Timothy Bateson’s website & Blog
    • “Ramblings of an Author” (Archived)
    • Facebook – This is a great place to catch up with what groups I’m part of, what discussions I’m part of, and a great way to reach out and chat with me directly)
    • Twitter – Catch the latest posts on my blog and shares of other author’s news
    • Pinterest – A fantastic place to get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the things I research for stories, archive interviews, book reviews, reading suggestions, and boards related to writing, marketing, and staying organized
    • Instagram – Where I sometimes remember to post images created in various adult-coloring apps
    • YouTube – Where you can see my book trailers, video interviews and event promotions
    • YourListen – An audio streaming site, where I’ve recorded several StoryTime episodes for OWSCyCon2019, and will probably post more down the line

    Also Check Out My Urban Fantasy Booth


    Timothy Bateson

    Available Now:

    Evaline Transcendent Cover)

    Evaline May Be Humanity’s Last Hope

    Evaline is the shipboard computer on the Miranda Two, a colony ship destined for the planet Karman-III-Delta. She is possibly Earth’s last hope of establishing a working off-world colony. However, her predecessor stopped reporting home, so now she and the colonists must establish what happened to the previous colony.
    The Miranda Two has been traveling for twenty years, and now it’s time for Evaline to wake the crew and colonists in preparation or arrival at their destination. Can Evaline and the crew figure out what happened to the Miranda One expedition, and what price will they have to pay for the answers?

    Genres: Short Story, Science Fiction, Artificial Intelligence, Colonization

    Format: E-Book

    Buy Now

    What People Are Saying About “Evaline Transcendent”:

    Love reading many things but not science fiction…

    So it’s strange that I LOVED reading this!!!

    A short and wonderfully captivating story which REALLY should be made into a movie!!! You’ll see why yourselves – no spoilers here 😉

    I’ve just downloaded his other book too YAY 😀

    Buy Now


    Timothy Bateson

    Where To Find Me During OWS CyCon

    • May 16th @9 pm EST I’m taking over the Fantasy & Sci-Fi Reader’s Lounge on Facebook to talk about CyCon. This is a fantastic group for readers of speculative fiction, and often hosts authors who love chatting with readers.
    • You’ll be able to learn a little more about me, ask me questions, or just hang out and chat with me in my author booths in Urban Fantasy & Sci-Fi.
    • I’ve entered Richard Parsons into the Urban Fantasy Character Battles tournament. If you’ve reader “Under A Hunter’s Moon” you’ll be more than familiar with this trouble-making shapeshifter, and I know he’d appreciate your votes in each round he reaches. Check out the ‘smack talk’ from the various characters taking part.
    • Talking of “Under A Hunter’s Moon”, you’ll be seeing it in the Urban Fantasy Cover Wars event. Please vote for this cover each round if you think it deserves to win.
    • I’m doing a bunch of recordings for Story Time, where we showcase the work of some of our amazing authors. Hear a part of their story read aloud, and find out where you can get your copies. Find works from Fantasy, Science Fiction, and more.
    • I’m also taking part in the Sci-Fi Top 5’s tour, where I highlight my top artificial intelligences.
    • I’ll be participating in a number of live and recorded chats with fellow authors, some of which we’ll be taking readers questions during the shows. Topics will include ‘World Building’
      I also have a number of jigsaw puzzles people can try for a little fun.
    • I’ll also be popping in and out of various groups and chats all over the event because CyCon is such a wonderful way to discover new books for my reading list.

    Connie Cockrell

    Awesome job, Timothy. I appreciate all of the hard work.


    Timothy Bateson

    Thanks Connie… I hope it shows just how much fun I have doing these events.

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