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    Stephen Pearl

    An old photo of a happy time


    Stephen B. Pearl was born in a long-ago time when computers filled several rooms and had less computing power than a lot of children’s toys today. He held his breathe on July 20, 1969, with the rest of the world, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Burling first walked on the moon. Stephen’s Father, Vernon, actually helped, in a small way, to make that happen. He was a research chemist and did work for the space program.

    Stephen has a guarded fondness for technology that is reflected by his love of sustainable energy systems and electric cars, and his refusal to own that “ubiquitous time waster and intrusive bother of the current age,” a cell phone.

    His views on life tend to the moderate though he tends to vote left of centre. Being Pagan Stephen feels open to take wisdom from where he finds it. As such he feels that the Buddhist view of the middle road holds great truth as does the Confucius principle of looking at the solutions of the past and using what has worked so long as it’s not taken to the extreme of blocking new possible solutions. His primary philosophical influence is the Pagan view that the divine is the manifest; thus the universe itself is the Godhead, and the natural world is the ultimate source of wisdom and guidance.

    He also loves Science which he sees as a tool for understanding nature thus the divine. The only failing Stephen sees in science is that some arrogant humans see it as an end unto itself and declare themselves above all other ways of understanding the universe. Of course, Religion does the same thing, and those arrogant humans have been known to burn people alive, so Stephen doesn’t adhere to the extreme of either camp.

    Stephen has had several books published, The Hollow Curse, Slaves of Love, Tinker’s Plague, Tinker’s Sea, Nukekubi, Worlds Apart, War of the Worlds 2030, Horn of the Kraken and Cats. He has also contributed to several anthologies. He tends to write within the speculative fiction field. If it’s odd, spooky or futuristic, he has probably tried his hand at it.

    Many people consider Stephen’s work to be on the dark side of literature. With the exception of War of the Worlds 2030, Stephen disagrees feeling his writings reflect reality and what humans are actually like, the good and the bad.

    He believes that good fiction is born of good facts; as such he tries to know something about the underpinning beliefs and sciences that inform his story.

    The greatest problem Stephen has struggled with regarding his writing is that like the male lead in Worlds Apart, Markus, Stephen is dyslexic. Despite years of training the minutia of written language still challenges him but as he says, “Everybody’s has something. I have a gift for character voice and brevity of word, a good imagination and a brain that embraces abstract concepts well. Life is all about working to your strengths and mitigating your weaknesses.” In Stephen’s defence, it should be mentioned that he edits obsessively and runs everything through multiple grammar checking programs before it is ever seen by a human editor.

    For the rest, Stephen lives in southern Ontario with his wife and cats, as well as a changeable number of stray cats, possums, skunks and racoons he ends up feeding because he is a self-admitted sucker for anything small furry and hungry. He’s fond of salmon and has a long-standing crush on Alyson Hannigan that his wife, Joy, chuckles at. The rest is subject to change.

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