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    Sherry D. Ramsey is a writer, editor, publisher, creativity addict and self-confessed Internet geek. She writes for all ages, and she loves mysteries and magic as much as she loves spaceships and aliens–so much that she often smooshes them together in interesting ways. Sherry lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband, children, and dogs, where she consumes far more coffee and chocolate than is likely good for her.

    A hybrid author, Sherry works both independently and with traditional presses. Her books include three books in the Nearspace series from Tyche Books; the urban fantasy Olympia Investigations series; two books for middle-grade readers, The Seventh Crow and Planet Fleep: A Science Twins Adventure; and the slightly difficult to classify (although it definitely has magic!) The Murder Prophet, as well as two collections of short stories.

    With her partners at Third Person Press she has co-edited six anthologies of regional short fiction. Every November she disappears into the strange realm of National Novel Writing Month and emerges gasping at the end, clutching something resembling a novel. A member of the Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia Writer’s Council, Sherry is also a past Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer of SF Canada, Canada’s national association for Speculative Fiction Professionals.

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    “Space opera with heart”

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    Book 1: One’s Aspect to the Sun

    Captain Luta Paixon of the far trader Tane Ikai needs to know why she looks like a woman in her thirties–even though she’s actually eighty-four. She isn’t the only one desperate for that information.

    The explanation might lie with her geneticist mother, who disappeared over sixty years ago, but even if her mother is still alive, it’s proving to be no small task to track her down in the vast, wormhole-ridden expanse of Nearspace. With the ruthless PrimeCorp bent on obtaining Luta’s DNA at any cost, her ninety-year-old husband asking for one last favor, and her estranged daughter locking horns with her at every turn, Luta’s search for answers will take her to the furthest reaches of space–and deep inside her own heart.

    Book 2: Dark Beneath the Moon

    Luta Paixon has plenty of trouble on the Tane Ikai, with relationships in flux and the sticky problem of two captains on one ship. But when an alien artifact, the remnant of a long-ago war, shows up on the other side of a newly-discovered wormhole, the crew also find themselves pressed into the service of the Nearspace Protectorate. The Tane Ikai‘s task: covertly deliver an alien historian to the site to decipher its meaning—and possible threat.

    Jahelia Sord is a woman with a grudge against the world, and against Luta Paixon and her family in particular. She has her own secrets to guard, and an alliance with the notorious PrimeCorp—one she’ll keep only as long as it suits her own hunt for vengeance.

    When a mysterious attack leaves them stranded in an uncharted new system, Luta, her crew, and Jahelia must try to put their differences aside and decide who to trust, while they uncover a shocking truth about the Chron war and what their old enemies are so afraid of…

    Book 3: Beyond the Sentinel Stars

    Luta Paixon and the crew of the Tane Ikai have made it back to Nearspace safely, but that safety is short-lived. As if a disastrous diplomatic mission to the crow-like Corvids isn’t enough, Luta’s old enemy Alin Sedmamin is back—and asking Luta to help save his life. In exchange, Sedmamin is offering secrets stretching back more than a century into Nearspace’s past—secrets that could prevent a war.

    Meanwhile, Luta’s brother Admiral Lanar Mahane is faced with an awful truth: the Protectorate is spread too thinly across Nearspace to offer adequate protection or defense when the aggressive Chron turn their murderous sights on Nearspace again. They must forge new alliances if Nearspace is to survive, but it’s almost impossible to know who to trust.

    As interstellar conflict looms on the horizon and a political plot of tremendous scope and daring threatens to destroy Nearspace from within, Luta and Lanar will test the bonds of family and the strength of hope as they struggle to maintain peace in a world that seems destined for war.

    Read on to the next post to find a novelette set in the Nearspace universe!



    “Waiting to Fly” – A Nearspace Novelette

    Teenage orphan Lucy Daz is carving out a busker’s life on Damyadi Space Station, saving what credits she can for passage to one of Nearspace’s new colony worlds. But when a hawker turns up on the station selling a “miracle cure” for space sickness, Lucy is faced with a tough decision: try to ignore to the problem and the pricking of her conscience, or take a big risk to protect the unsuspecting colonists who come to her shows…

    Set during the colonization years of Nearspace, before the events of One’s Aspect to the Sun, Waiting to Fly offers a glimpse into space station life in the early days of wormhole travel.

    Find all retailer links at this handy spot:



    Robots don’t always know best!

    When a meteorite storm wreaks havoc on their family’s cargo ship, sort-of-twins Rudi and Trudy find themselves stranded on an alien planet. In their search for help, they uncover a fiendish plot against the friendly and mysterious alien critters the twins call “fleeps.” With only an overprotective robot for company, can they survive on their own, find their parents, and save the fleeps from certain doom?

    Action-packed adventure science fiction for kids of all ages! Diverse young readers with an interest in astronomy, space travel, and science and technology will love Planet Fleep and the Science Twins, and have some laughs along the way.

    From my favourite review of this book: “[My daughter] goes on to tell me that she liked the book so much she plans on keeping it forever and possibly marrying it when she grows up. I’ve never asked her to rate a book before so I am unaccustomed to such… devotion.” 🙂 Read the full review on Goodreads here.

    Find links to your favourite retailer for the print and ebook versions of this book here:

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    If humans ever do encounter aliens, will it be for good or ill? These five short stories explore our possible interactions with aliens, and the thought-provoking and sometimes uplifting outcomes. This ebook includes: “The Ambassador’s Staff,” “On the Road with Fiamong’s Rule,” “The Cache,” “Encountering Evie,” and “Alien Gifts.”

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    A cache implies a hidden treasure, although what we find inside is not always what we hope for or expect. Sometimes it’s less; sometimes more; sometimes nothing we’ve ever imagined.

    The eleven stories and two poems in this collection feature all manner of unusual things found in strange places; an alien ship in a forest hideaway, ghosts inside a computer network, a distraught goddess in a detective’s office, a teenage busker on a space station. The treasures are varied as well, from lost genomes and altered memories to alien alliances and self-discovery.

    Whatever waits to be discovered, these stories suggest that sometimes the search is the important part…

    (Note: Although there are a couple of stories in this collection that lean more to the urban fantasy side, they are predominantly science fiction)

    “I thoroughly enjoyed this new collection of short stories and poems, by Sherry D. Ramsey. As always, her fiction is rooted in authentic human emotions, problems and foibles, even when we’re reading about aliens or fairies.” – 5* Amazon review (read the full review here)

    Find links to your favourite retailer for print and ebook formats:

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