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    Short Horrors for Occult Fans

    “I loved all these short thrillers”

    “You may not want to read them alone at night. Even tho they were short stories they are still horror stories and well written.”

    Three thrilling tales to bring you nightmares.

    *A chemical spill may have effected the residents of a small town when their dreams become reality.
    *A pair of mirrors turns a late night at a museum into a bloodbath.
    *A night security guard teaches a rookie the details of a job where it is more important to protect people from the building than vice versa.



    Blood of the Moon, Runespells series #4 – IN PROGRESS

    Nicola still isn’t a hero. Maybe an anti-hero, but she’s too broken to be a white knight. She’s still an herbalist, single mom and heathen witch.

    She takes her mother on a cruise to Alaska, a calm vacation until the goddess of sea storms, Rán, and her husband, Ægir, make an appearance. Nicola and her family barely escape these Norse gods of the ocean and end up stranded on an island, in a Yupik village in danger of being flooded out. Trying to become the hero she feels she should be, Nicola dives into challenging the political and religious groups who have arrived to “save” the village.

    Nicola must face realities about the fate of the Yupik and her own motives for trying to save them. Will she make a difference, or are her own efforts merely a distraction from the pressures of her quest? And, when the time comes, can she pull the trigger… again?



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Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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