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    Sarah is the AuthorGoddess, one who embraces the divine honor of creating worlds with words in the hope of inspiring others.

    Sarah has been writing for more than 25 years, starting with poetry before moving on to non-fiction and fiction. She lives in the Midwest with two monsters (the kids), an ogre (the hubby), and whatever drama-llama is coming to visit this week. Sarah is the author of the Runespells series: Too Wyrd, Fluffy Bunny, and The Chains That Bind.

    She has short stories in several anthologies, including Counterclockwise: A Time Travel Anthology, A Twist of Fate: A Collection of 11 Twisted Fairy Tales, and Whispers of Hope: A Lexis Infinitum Charity Anthology. Sarah also has a blog via Patreon and makes funny videos about writing on her vlog, Practically Writing.



    Check out my excerpt for Story Time!



    I was thrilled to be able to host and participate in all of the UF/Paranormal panel discussions this year. You can find the whole bunch here:



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    You can check out all of my stuff on my website,



    Too Wyrd, Runespells series #1

    “Well written, good characterizations, a perfect example of a good urban fantasy. My only complaint is I finished it too soon.”

    “Full of suspense, mystery, and action. Strong female protagonist. Full of sarcasm and stubbornness.”

    “Anyone who appreciates works of magical realism, urban fantasy involving gods or witches, and especially any fan of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods would love Too Wyrd.”

    “I enjoyed this more than Jim Butcher’s Dresden series – definitely a world worth discovering.”

    “Good pacing. Great characters. A good, no, a very good read!!”

    “I was absolutely riveted from the very first page.”

    “I got this book because it was free. i never expected it to leave me wanting more!”

    Nicola was never a hero. She was an everyday single mother, Heathen witch, and herbalist. She was happy with her quiet life until the night Joseph showed up at her door with news that her step-sister joined a cult… and she had gone missing.

    Pressured by family loyalties, Nicola goes back to Indianapolis, dodging old enemies and calling on old friends to help her find her step-sister. What she finds instead is an ex with super-powers, monsters and demigods on the streets, and a detective ready to bring her in for a murder investigation…or three.

    Can Nicola become the hero she needs to be, or will she lose everyone she cares for?



    Too Wyrd is book 1 of the Runespells series.

    It’s Urban Fantasy, but there are no vampires. It’s about a woman, but she’s not really sexy. It’s magical realism, but there are no fireballs. It’s based on Norse myths, but there’s no Loki, just a damn funny Tom Hiddleston reference. 😛

    Nicola just wants to stay home and raise her kid, but her stepsister is getting into trouble AGAIN. So off she goes to the rescue.



    She uncovers an ex with super-powers, a Valkyrie among the homeless, demons trying to kill her, a plot to end the world, and a bitter detective who wants to take her down for a murder or three!

    This was not the week she had planned.



    Fluffy Bunny, Runespells series #2

    “So exciting that I couldn’t put it down to make my coffee”

    “I feel that the world needs to discover Sarah Buhrman.”

    “Once again Sarah Buhrman and her heroine Nicola trapped me in an awesome book!”

    “If a sequel can best its primary, then Sarah Buhrman has done it!”

    “The Runespells series knocks its second volume outside the park just like it did its first!”

    “Buhrman has woven action and mystery into Norse Mythology and created more than just an urban fantasy series.”

    “[Fluffy Bunny] shows Buhrman’s ability to tackle serious issues and emotions in her writing.”

    Nicola was never a hero. She was an everyday single mother, Heathen witch, and herbalist. And she wanted nothing more than to forget the cluster of a situation she’d barely survived only a few months ago. But explain that to Hel.

    As it turns out, Hel wants the souls she was promised, but something paranormal is keeping a lot of souls out of her reach. Nicola goes undercover into an isolated healing cult to find out what is going on, and if it is connected to the Runespells. The problem with cults, however, is the brainwashing.

    Abandoned to her own devices by the gods and far from the friends that helped her before, can Nicola survive the tests long enough to complete her mission? And will she still be herself if she does?




    “Slings & Arrows” A Runespells Short Story – Only 99c!

    “The characters are well developed and the heroes are relatable.”
    “Very unexpected. I loved the characters and their interaction.”

    Hound Dog crosses the pond to help out a former Indie street punk turned SHARP in over his head with a neo-Nazi gang. Detective Ames, newly promoted to Sergeant and in charge of a brand new division, is in London for an international training seminar.

    Their paths cross when Det. Ames’ liaison gets caught up in a shoot out with the neo-Nazis… only the neo-Nazis aren’t using guns.

    Have the neo-Nazi’s been reviving the occultish practices of Hitler’s troops? Can Hound Dog and Det. Ames figure it out before more innocent by-standers are killed?



    The Chains That Bind, Runespells series #3

    “This one is the best yet!”

    “Even better than books 1 & 2!”

    “Before I knew it, it was four o’clock in the morning and the book was done. A real page turner!”

    “An enthusiastic five stars!”

    “I can’t recommend this enough.”

    Nicola was never a hero… until she had to be. She was an everyday single mother, Heathen witch, and herbalist. And she felt the scars of her prior quests deep in her soul and her psyche.

    While on a vacation trip with her bff, Joseph, hiking along the Appalachian Trail, Nicola hears of a “miraculous” escape from prison. Signs point to a Runespell that releases all forms of entrapment, and the convict is also on the Trail. With a deadly creature waiting to be freed, and Ragnarok once more on the line, the race is on. But Nicola is hindered by PTSD, and Joseph doesn’t seem to understand the sacrifices she might have to make, including their friendship.

    ​​Can Nicola overcome the fears and anxieties from her last adventure in time to stop the end of the world… again?



    “Free Gift With Purchase” in A Twist of Fate

    “Absolutely worth the read.”

    “I am impressed, enthralled and I loved every second reading them!”

    Brigit pulls some strings to get her hands on a pair of shoes that could help her break into fashion writing. She didn’t expect a free gift in the form of a little man with a big problem: elfin slave labor! Now she’s taking on an old Italian sweat shop and discovering how much of a fairy tale her life really can be.



    “A Time & a Place” in Counterclockwise

    “Entertaining and thought provoking”

    “Well worth reading”

    Tianna is a Timesinker, a fae-blood magecrafter with the ability to travel through time. Her journey begins when she is caught in the cross-fire of a battle between magecrafters, but it doesn’t end until she learns how easy it is for a timesinker to cause both the beginning… and the end. The enemy crosses her timeline more than once, but can she be on the winning side every time?



    “Scarborough Fair” A Sweet Historical Romance – Only 99c!

    “An authentic atmosphere that pulled me into the story”

    Brennan, a member of a secretive group of powerful women, is obsessed with learning what happened to her beloved, Garrett. The song he wrote to court her becomes the clues she must follow to find him, and the politics of the castle and title of Scarborough create more obstacles for her quest.

    Her passion burns like a flame, but can she return to Scarborough Fair with more than the ashes of her love?



    “Precious Scars” A Contemporary Romance – Only 99c!

    Crystal is a kintsugi artist, using gold accents to repair statues, looking for someone to help her deal with her increasing anxiety about going out into the world. Tor is a veteran with PTSD looking for a quieter way of life. Together, they find something precious in the scars on their souls.



    “Super Powereds Anonymous” in Beyond the Mask: A Superhero Charity Anthology

    Trance, the mediator for Super Powered Anonymous, a support group for people with superpowers unsuitable for caped heroics, is used to helping with self esteem, super power accidents, and complaints about having to carry SP Liability Insurance. Her ability to calm emotions and cool tempers gives her an edge with that. What she doesn’t expect is when a supposedly-reformed super-villain wants to join the group.

    Mute is tired of the second-rate villain life. He can shut the haters up, but he can’t give his life a purpose. He’s looking for a second chance, but suspicion follows him everywhere.

    When SPA attendees turn up dead, Mute is the prime suspect. Can he convince the others he’s innocent? Will their “lame” powers be enough to solve the case?

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