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    Richard White


    Shotgun Bo Rivers(Richard White)

    With an established career of published works, Richard White
    wanted to take on another writing challenge. As his agent put it,
    like Mountain Dew, and Mello Yello.

    a pseudonym offered him a new opportunity to reach a new and different
    group of readers. The first western Shotgun Bo Rivers book, Letters
    From The Grave was published in 2017, and readers were soon drawn
    to the concept of Bo Rivers. With Laramie’s Thunder well on its way,
    Shotgun Bo Rivers will leave his mark in the Western Genre.

    You can follow him at:

    Website: Shotgun Bo Rivers

    Facebook Page: Shotgun Bo Rivers

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    Richard White

    Letters From The Grave

    Letters from the Grave is a compilation of letters from outlaws of the Old west, writing a letter back to their killer, enemies, and foes. In these letters we tell a mystery, and pose the question, if these outlaws were alive and could write a letter to anyone, what would they say. Shotgun Bo rivers captures the Old West in these fantastic letters from the grave, leading us into a mystery of the past, writing letters to Pat Garret, William Pinkerton, Jack McCall, Jesse James, and more.





    Richard White


    Coming soon Letters From the Grave: Deuces Wild
    the second compilation of letters from Shotgun Bo Rivers

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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