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    A chronically bored spooky creature, Odin dabbles in a strange array of interests to keep their wandering brain in check. When not writing SciFi and Cyberpunk under the influence of caffeinated drinks and sugary snacks, Odin can be found escaping reality with video games or getting their fingers tangled in a mess of threads and needles.

    Greetings! My name is Odin Oxthorn and I am a transmasc nonbinary science fiction author. Professionally, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Art/Game development, but my life has taken a weird turn of events. Currently, I am a self-employed contractor doing odd jobs remotely. I have always been a worldbuilder, so it was only logical that I started putting my ideas on paper, and seven years later, my first book arrived.

    I have other writing experience from designing games, DMing pen and paper RPGs, and creating shorts for both publication and fun. I am absolutely obsessed with the Cyberpunk genre, and much of my gaming experience and role-playing campaigns are drafted from these environments.

    I am also known by the persona Odin’s Bead Hall, where I create fantastical shiny things and teach video lessons on YouTube. If you are interested in that side of me, feel free to check out: https://odinsbeadhall.com/

    Check out more of my work on my Website: https://www.odinsmusings.com/

    Twitter: @odinsmusings

    Instagram: @odinsmusings

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/odinsmusings

    My debut Cyberpunk thriller titled Sleepless Flame is available at all large retail sites if you are interested in some techno fun~

     Check it out here~!!



    Allow me to give you a glance at the world of Sleepless Flame with a sample:


    The building before them appeared more of a bunker than a business front, its reinforced blackened steel walls spanning the gap between the feet of two adjacent Uppercity skyscrapers. No signs or markings gave the travelers indication of the contents inside, amplifying the imposing presence of the establishment.Garrett hung back as Nara pressed an intercom control jutting out of the wall, tracing his eyes over the huge riveted girders that bordered the massive airlock door.

    “Ouch! –Oof, yeah?” a voice squeaked through the box.

    “It’s Nara. Got something I need.”

    “Oh, hi! Come on in.”

    After a series of cluttered crashes, screeching metal, and intermittent distressed yelps from the intercom, the door buzzed open. Nara heaved the vault open, waving a hesitant Garrett inside the dark corridor.
    With a heavy, echoing clunk, the cavern burst with light, revealing a techno geek’s wildest fantasy. Wires and computer parts were haphazardly strewn all over the floors and the walls, emulating a nest of an enormous gadget-obsessed vermin. Half-built robotics and cybernetic body parts stood vigilant amid the labyrinth of cluttered workbenches overflowing with tools and broken electronic boards. Glinting LEDs flashed sporadic, garbled messages, illuminating the path with a rainbow of jarring beacons.

    Making their way gingerly through the shiny perilous mess, the duo entered a clearing in the madness occupied by a desk and a few chairs, also piled with half-finished projects. A scrawny young man emerged from the chaos, bits of shredded circuitry slung around his neck. Upon noticing the visitors, he hastily removed the wiry adornments, placing them on top of a teetering pile.

    “Hiya, Nara. What can I do for you?” he asked cheerfully, wiping his hands clean on his jumpsuit.

    “This is Art,” she said to Garrett, gesturing toward the technophile. “Art, this is an annoying little sod who keeps following me around.”

    “My name is Garrett, actually.” He offered his hand to Art, who energetically shook it. “I hired Nara as a bodyguard.”

    “An Upworlder, eh? Well, you certainly have an eye for quality.” The quirky man scratched his nose, leaving a black streak of grease on his tawny beige skin. “How can I be of assistance?”

    “Need a Hawk kit for the armor.” Nara tossed over the newly purchased badge.

    The glinting projectile landed squarely on Art’s chest, causing him to perform an impromptu flailing dance as he fought with his limited coordination. As the device rolled town his trunk, he snatched it between his knees, beaming the visitors a victorious grin as he reclaimed his balance. He then plucked out the device and raised it to his face, scrutinizing the serial number on the back of the case.

    “Whoa, nice! It’s one of those new Nexuz models,” Art marveled, the enthusiasm radiating across the room.

    “It does what I need it to. I don’t care who made it,” Nara stated. “You’re the one who obsesses over shiny new tech.”

    “All right, all right, take it easy,” Art said. He leaned over to Garrett, nudging him with an elbow. “Give her a bigger, shiny new gun, and I’d bet she’d obsess over it.”

    “There’s no need to be an ass,” she retorted.

    “You know, I could probably tweak its performance a little,” he offered, her remark falling on deaf ears as he mentally tore apart the device. “Make it a bit sturdier, if you know what I mean.”

    “You break it, you buy it at double cost,” Nara warned.

    “That’s not fair. You know me well enough.” Art jabbed a defensive finger into the air.

    “Exactly. I do know you well enough.” She sighed with a defeated wave. “Eugh, do what you want. It isn’t on my tab.”

    “Really? Awesome! You will be totally psyched with what I can do with this thing.” Art’s eyes lit up with glee. He then met Garrett’s worried expression and restrained his excitement with a cough. “Don’t worry, it won’t cost much. I should be able to get what you need in a few minutes. Just let me do this one thing and . . .”

    Art summoned a flurry of tools and components from his collection of pockets, his surprisingly nimble fingers dismantling the badge in a flash. Wire and electronic chips flew from the device, along with the mutterings of calculations transpiring from Art.

    Anticipating a lengthy visit, Nara plopped herself down on the only clean spot on the floor, shoving sharp bits and pieces away to make more room. She reclined in the tight constraints, tilting her head to the ceiling as she disappeared into another plane of consciousness, her gaze traveling beyond the concrete.

    Her unnatural stillness disturbed Garrett, and the clash of tools banging and ratcheting behind him made him self-aware of the space he took up. He anxiously stuffed his hands in his pockets as he glanced around the room, searching for another unoccupied area to settle amid the chaos. After a fruitless effort, he moved in closer to observe the machinations of the odd little man.

    Art began pacing back and forth between a squadron of workbenches, stopping at one only to forget what he needed, then darting to another with a snap of his fingers. His face shifted through a spectrum of pensive stares as he mingled in circuitry, pulling up schematics and digital sketches from a display on his NetCom.

    The madness continued as the hours crawled, the entranced technomancer neglecting his guests as his mind surged with tweaks and possibilities. Art’s meditative noises began to wane as the symphony of sparks steadily decreased, devolving into flustered grunts as he shoved the internal organs back into the device. Plates clicked back into place as he reconstructed the badge, restoring the piece to a functional state.

    “Yeah! That should do it!” Art announced with one final twist of a screw. He raised the device to the ceiling, admiring his handiwork. “Here, try it out.”

    Nara shot him a suspicious glare as she pulled herself up from the floor. “It’s not going to explode on me this time?”

    “I am ninety-two point seven percent certain I have everything put back in its place.” Art rubbed the back of his neck. “And, uh, sorry about that last time.”

    “That’s a low-ball estimate for you.” Her scowl deepened as she gingerly accepted the device.

    “It’ll be fine, no worries!” the man assured her with a smile.

    Nara let off a begrudging sigh as she shed her coat, placing the badge on the center of her collarbone. She pressed the buttons on the face, bracing herself as the blue lights intensified. Upon her commands, two silvery threads curled out from the device, winding around her throat. Liquid metal creeped from the eerie torq, the material slithering over her chest and arms.

    Garrett held his breath, an empathic sense of claustrophobia tickling his lungs as he watched her morph into a steel mechanical ghoul. His skin crawled as the silvery-black liquid consumed her body, enveloping her face and legs in a viscous shroud.

    The glow of the badge faded as the material hardened, segmenting her limbs across a carapace of sleek plate armor. A featureless void on the face of the helmet scanned the room, analyzing its surroundings with an unsettling gaze.

    “So, how does it feel?” Garrett inquired, intimidated by the chilling display.

    “Like there’s nothing on,” Nara commented, rolling her shoulders experimentally.

    “May I?” Art produced a small pistol from one of the desk drawers, presenting it to Nara for approval.

    “By all means,” she agreed, turning her chest toward the machinist.

    Art hesitated as he raised the weapon, running threads of equations through his head as he took aim. His hands wavered as he closed one eye, chewing the side of his cheek as he glanced down the barrel.

    “Any day now,” Nara goaded.

    A modest burst ejected from the gun, teleporting across the room with a tiny flash, uttering a soft ‘tink’ as it vaporized over her shoulder. Reacting to the assault, the area warped and shifted as the quicksilver material rapidly soothed the damage.

    “Nice one, Art,” she praised, watching the metal return to its reinforced state. Art beamed as he rocked back on his heels, pleased with the results of the experiment.

    “Whoa. That was awesome.” Garrett gaped in astonishment. “What makes the metal react like that? How does it work?”

    “Well . . .” Art inhaled an enthusiastic breath, thrilled to explain his craft to an interested participant. “Basically, the metal produced from within the badge is programmable. The wearer can tell it to create whatever shape desired. In this instance, a full body suit. Once the metal successfully executes the shape to completion, another command tells the metal to harden.”

    Art paused, waiting expectantly for potential questions. He shifted his glance between the two visitors, who replied with opposing degrees of silence. Taking in another draught of air, he continued his energetic spiel.

    “The armor constantly seeks to maintain the configured shape, and when the armor is damaged, the device quickly responds to return to its previous state. What I did was adjust the speed of the process, reducing the reaction time by sacrificing a few energy efficiency points.” He pulled off his cap to scratch an itch on his scalp. “At this rate, Nara can take quite a beating, provided there aren’t too many holes in the metal at once.”

    “That’s incredible,” Garrett enthused.

    The mechanic’s grin widened. “Oh yeah, that thing can do lots of neat little tricks.”

    “Wow.” Garrett reached out to poke Nara’s imposing, metal-encased figure, but upon meeting her disconcerting faceless glower, he swiftly retracted his hand. “So how does the Hawk kit work?”

    “Here.” Art handed him a key-sized input device. “Take this piece over to her console, plug it in, and the program will run itself. You should have control over the optics just by moving the screen.”

    “Neat,” Garrett said as he inspected the device in his hand.

    “Try it out if you like,” Art offered as he passed over a handheld computer.

    The tablet murmured a cycle of processing drones as Garrett inserted the object into the device, creating a projection which hovered above the unit. The display broadcast a view of the cluttered workshop from directly in front of Nara, defaulting to her visual perspective. The scene shifted as Garrett dragged his finger over the screen, showcasing the perimeter of the room.

    “Impressive,” Garrett breathed as he continued to prod the technology. “And is there a communication line?”

    “There’s a nerve amplifier in the helmet portion of the armor,” Art explained. “She will be able to communicate to you through thought, but your console will need to have audio hardware to talk back to her. Or you can type a message out, and she’ll see it in her helmet.

    “Use your voice. I don’t need you flooding my vision with your babbling,” Nara printed over Garrett’s screen. She then turned to Art and vocalized her praise. “Nice work.”

    “Aw, it was nothin’, really.” The mechanic toed the floor sheepishly.

    “It’s a fascinating piece of tech. Um, how much do I owe you?” Garrett inquired uneasily.

    “Nahh, it’s on the house. I don’t often get to play with the latest,” Art declared. “All that usually turns up here are obsolete hand-me-downs.”

    “Are you sure? That’s awfully generous,” Garret said, another currency slice in hand.

    “Nara’s a good customer. She always brings me nice things,” Art said with a dismissive wave. “Oh! I almost forgot. That badge is locked to your bio signature, so you don’t have to worry about anyone else ‘accidentally’ exposing you with a nicely timed poke.”

    “Thanks, Art. I owe you one.” Nara disengaged the armor, sending pools of mercury shrinking into the badge. She gave the mechanic a nod before cautiously stepping toward the entryway, leading Garrett through the treacherous footing. “See you around.”

    “Come back anytime to visit me,” Art called out to his departed guests. “I’m always here.”



    If you enjoyed that, check out the full book on Amazon HERE!

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