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    Richard White


    Stacy Overby

    Born and raised in Southern California, the diagnosis of hydrocephalus at birth should have killed Ani, or worse, left her blank to the world. Her strength of spirit, parents’ love, and a miracle all combined to overcome that prognosis within nine months. From this almost impossible beginning, she has developed into all-around person with the technical knowledge and analytical mind of a programmer, creative and detailed orientation of a writer/editor, and aesthetic instincts of a designer/photographer.

    Ani’s writing career started when a friend in Cyprus made her promise to stop throwing away her writings because she thought they weren’t good enough. After returning to the States, Ani set out to finish a single horse story and tried to get it published. However, the book, like the writer, needed time to mature.

    While perfecting her craft, Ani graduated from San Francisco State with a BA in Industrial Arts and worked several jobs from retail sales to human resources project management. Her innate ability to learn new computer programs with minimal instruction combined with her need to be creative led to her current long-term stint as a web designer and developer.

    The book, meanwhile, spawned several siblings until there was enough for a series. Not knowing what to call it, Ani turned to another friend who suggested a word play on the books main themes of horses, space, family, and heroes. With two published books under her belt, Ani continues to work on Stars of Heros plus exploring several other ideas.

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    Stacy Overby

    A horse. A woman. A dream. And so much more.

    Time travel, drama, military action, mystery, and intrigue. This is science fantasy and a bold initial statement from an author with a passion for words.

    Jo Mason was going to be the first woman to raise the USMB International Championship trophy above her head. Double tragedy strikes the beginning of her quest. First, she finds her longtime companion dead in his stall. Second, his replacement almost kills her.

    She wonders what she’s meant to do with her life. Her fear of horses leaves her estranged from her family as well as doubting and second-guessing herself.

    During a quiet walk in the woods, she’s confronted by the rogue stallion’s son and a choice. Take control or keep running.

    One reviewer has said, “At first I thought it was going to be a woman and her horse. It went many places I wasn’t expecting. Complex and well done.”

    Available on


    Stacy Overby

    Legend isn’t about people. It’s about pursuing a dream or higher ideal. About believing in something impossible and transforming the belief into reality through faith and hard work. The future is a legend written and unwritten.

    Jo Mason believes that creativity, spontaneity, and faith exist as definable words, but not actionable items. Hearing her own voice where she shouldn’t have leaves her wondering about her place in time.

    Jeff has always been there for her, offering encouragements, wise words when she needed them, and many other things she can never completely thank him for. She knows he replaced her cousin who died saving his life. When she questions why he didn’t get to stay with his family, Jeff replies that without his sacrifice fixing the timeline everything she knows would be different.

    Randy, Jeff’s twin brother from the future, falls into Jo’s lap, both literally and figuratively. She hopes he can give her a better answer.

    Only one slight problem…

    He doesn’t remember anything about himself or his life and what he does, doesn’t help.

    Available on


    Connie Cockrell

    I met Ani my 1st year at CyCon. Smart, funny, well-read and a font of information. I’m very sorry I didn’t get a chance to know her better.

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