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    Mary R. Woldering, is the author of the Children of Stone historical fantasy series. She’s an artisan, art historian, devoted wife of Dr. Jackie Woldering, mother of two and grandmother of four. The idea for her series first came to her and to a friend when she was in college and graduate school.

    Over a few years they meditated, thought about ancient history, told tales to each other, drew and wrote segments of a story from a long ago time on Earth through the present day.

    Together they had a TON of mystical and paranormal experiences, many of which became part of her stories. Much later, she wrote the notes she took in story form, adding speculative history and new ideas to the mix.  She wanted her readers to “be there” walking with her characters.

    Reviewers say the story just MOVES! It entertains, it romps, It leaps, IT HOWLS and it’s just plain fun. An alien race of gods, wizards, shape-shifters, heroic mortals, and immortals; palace intrigue, murder, madness, confusion, bizarre twists and plot turns…dangerous hookups, evil geniuses, punk sorcerers, traitors…

    Join her for a beautiful story.Amazon:

    Author Page:






    Begin the journey into mystery: CHILDREN OF STONE

    The Mystery of Ancient Egypt wrapped in a speculative and fantastic ride through history, mythology and magic.  WALK WITH THOSE WHO ONCE BECAME GODS.

    Voices in Crystal is Book 1 of the Sci-Fantasy Series Children of Stone.

    A shepherd named Marai who lives at the foot of Mt. Sinai in the 3rd millenium BC, sings to his goddess Ashera. He sees a star fall and when he goes to it, he discovers a strange vessel containing crystalline entities that resemble earthly stones and gems: the Children of Stone.

    The Children delight in this simple shepherd and his songs of love. They ask him to host their intelligence; to bring them to the sages and priests who have spent their lives seeking the wisdom of the stars. When he agrees, he is transformed into a godlike being, but remains a passionate shepherd at heart.  He gathers others like lambs to his fold, but his journey to the wise men of ancient Kemet (Egypt) won’t be easy. Things hidden, that wait in darkness, are always there.

    A young prince, feeling slighted because the “Children” didn’t come to him, begins a lifelong quest to control or destroy this shepherd and those he loves.


    “Shu lifts me up, the Souls of On set up a stairway for me in order to reach the  Above, and Nut puts her hand on me just as she did for Asar on the day when he died.”

    …Pyramid Texts, inscribed on the walls of King Unas tomb 5th Dynasty c. 2345 BC

    Marai, a former shepherd who discovered a fallen ‘star’ and was gifted with amazing abilities by the unearthly Children of Stone, has been separated from those he loves. Kept apart by forces seeking to control all of them, they must independently grow to understand their own powers while continuing their journey to wisdom. Will they be reunited? Will Marai rise up and begin to Go Forth By Day? Will those who care for him survive without his guidance and love?

    Going Forth By Day, the second book in the Children of Stone series,

    is the story of Marai’s companions, Ariennu, Deka, and Naibe-Ellit. Through their involvement in the lives of the royalty of ancient Kemet, new alliances form, loyalties shift, and the comfortable lives of some are shaken to their core.


    BEST YET!!
    2017 Gold winner – Diverse Fantasy, Silver Winner – Historical Fantasy (Virtual Fantasy Con Awards)

    Opener of the Sky – Book 3 Children of Stone series.


    2018 Gold winner – Historical Fantasy (Virtual Fantasy Con Awards)

    Heart of the Lotus is Book 4 of the Sci-Fantasy Series Children of Stone.

    As Marai makes plans to return to Ineb Hedj, he knows not all is settled. Old and new foes position themselves, each seeking control of the Children of Stone.

    New allies find strength and wisdom from beyond the stars, while older foes emerge from that which is hidden. Each destiny interacts and becomes a lotus petal in the Flower of Life. WHO – WILL – WIN??





    Like stories about dragons?  Read DREAMTIME DRAGONS

    A FANTASY ANTHOLOGY Winner of 2018 Lexus Infinitum pr promotion services (favorite anthology) 20 TALES ABOUT DRAGONS BY 12 RISING NEW FANTASY AUTHORS Including

    “Ana’s Dream of Flying” – Mary R. Woldering

    ·         in 1961, A young black girl in Memphis, Tennessee discovers the truth about her art and its connection to other realms when she meets a long lost dragon spirit who has sought her for centuries.


    Like ghost stories? Read  Ghostly writes 2018
    23 spine-tingling short tales including Mary R. Woldering‘s

    “Raemkai’s Stairs”

    Set In Memphis Tennessee in 1970.
    He was a demon cursed and compelled by a witch to haunt a staircase in a crumbling mansion – until he met a little angel!
    Author’s note: This is the story of the first ghost I ever met

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