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    M. J. Keeley
    Author of Turning the Hourglass

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    Hello Cycon visitors and thanks for visiting my booth! I live in Glasgow, Scotland and am an English teacher and writer of science fiction, magic realism and literary fiction. I have published short stories in various anthologies and also write arts reviews for award-winning online magazine The Wee Review and the Neon Books blog. My main focus, though, is novel-writing and my debut novel, Turning the Hourglass, was published by Black Rose Writing in April 2019.

    Turning the Hourglass

    Historian Dyrne Samson doesn’t want to read about the past anymore. Now he can visit it. Abandoning university lecturing, Dyrne joins a classified organisation hidden beneath the streets of New London. Using their time-distortion pods, he can visit any event in history he chooses. Almost. Visiting his own timeline is forbidden – the only reason he can’t return to the day he’ll never forget.

    Turning the Hourglass transports the reader to 23rd Century New London – a city recovering from a devastating war. Billions of lives have been lost and countless historical records erased. This sci-fi story is an exploration of secrecy, guilt, loss, and prejudice and the extremes these can drive us to.

    The inception of Turning the Hourglass started with the idea of ghosts. I wondered – what if ghosts aren’t remnants of the dead? What if they’re glimpses of the future; visitors who’ve come back to observe us? From here, I built a story around one of these future visitors. What would they want to visit and study? And what would they do if they knew we could see them?

    Here is the book trailer!

    Turning the Hourglass is available to buy at Black Rose Writing, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

    I’d love to answer any questions you have about the novel or writing in general. I’m also looking forward to finding some great new authors and books here at Cycon!

    *My first Cycon event is my Top 5 Sci-Fi Novels! Check it out here.*

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