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    I received my degree in Educational Studies from WGU and I mainly use that degree to homeschool my two teenage children. Some days I think I’m crazy and other days I love it! I reside in South Carolina where I was born and reared. I’ve been married for over sixteen years with many ups and downs, but it’s been a fun ride. I enjoy being a mother to three human children, two dogs, a cat, and a few scaled creatures that freak out many of my friends. In my spare time, I am often found striking a yoga pose, reading, painting, or spending time with my family. Mostly, I’m at home writing up lesson plans and expecting my Hogwarts acceptance letter any day.

    I have been a book reviewer for over seven years now and love it! I love being able to read books very few have had a chance to read because they aren’t available for another six months! I also love supporting the indie community and helping their books spread. I started reviewing books because of the amount of money I spent on books. My husband told me I need to find a way to fund my addiction, so I did. Authors send me free books in exchange for a review. Win-Win!

    Writing started before the reviewing. I have always had stories playing around in my head. My sister called them “Thinking Books” and I would tell them to her sometimes. One day, when my son was an infant, I decided to start typing them up. My friends loved them! I emailed them a chapter at a time until the story was written, then the story sat on my computer for years while I worked on the next adventure playing out in my mind.

    Fast forward live to 2019, I finally edited one of those projects and published it. YAY!

    Feel free to follow me at any of the links below and I’ll post information on my only published book in a comment below.



    Best Friends living a normal teenage life find themselves caught in the middle of an ancient war between the Guardians and the Were. With their new-found powers they must choose the right path. But which side is good and which is evil? Follow Renee and Lydia on their road of self-discovery, forbidden love, personal growth, and friendship as they make friends and enemies that could ultimately mean life or death.

    Click HERE for buying options.

    Ebook is $0.99

    Paperback is $8

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