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    https://i2.wp.com/owscycon.ourwriteside.com/wp-content/uploads/hm_bbpui/589/8jy2x3evw2vkzejzwuf0g85sbbobxpsw.jpg?resize=225%2C271&ssl=1Hello everyone!

    Welcome to my booth! I’m Leslie Conzatti, avid writer and voracious reader, an ardent fan of anything and everything to do with books!

    I’m so excited to be able to interact with you all–Feel free to ask me any questions about anything you see here, and just enjoy the weekend!


    Leslie Conzatti hails from the Pacific Northwest. Armed with a vivid imagination and a passion for words, in 2013 she started a blog–“The Upstream Writer”–which enabled her to network with a host of other authors and writers. Near the end of 2016, she published her first book, Princess of Undersea, a re-telling of The Little Mermaid. Since then she has had short stories (mostly originating from her blog) published in various anthologies, and she continues to find new and exciting ideas to write about, inspired by the world around her and the unexpected magic in everyday life. During the day, Leslie works as an elementary school paraeducator, interacting with young kids and leading small groups through the intricacies of the English language.


    Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/LeslieConzattiWriter/

    Blog: “The Upstream Writer” https://upstreamwriter.blogspot.com/

    Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/KartheyM



    Princess of Undersea

    Amazon Listing


    Two kingdoms—one towering over the water, the other deep beneath the waves—balance on the edge of calamity. King Theodore of Overcliff withers in the wake of hardship, while King Davor of Undersea rallies his people for war.

    When Princess Ylaine gives up her most precious gift, in order to prove to her father that not all humans are evil, she doesn’t intend to fall in love—not at first. That changes when she meets Prince Nathan, but no sooner do they meet than forces conspire to keep them apart forever. Desperate for help, and finding none from their fathers, the two young royals turn to their mentors. Ylaine has Nayidia, her doting godmother, who has the power to grant her deepest wish. Nathan has Giles, his father’s steward, who not only knows who Nathan is, but also the man and king he may become. But will their help be enough? Can Ylaine and Nathan learn the meaning of true power, true leadership, and true love before it’s too late? Can two worlds, two lives, two hearts, truly become one?


    >Hear An Excerpt With StoryTime!<



    Dreamtime Dragons Anthology

    Amazon Listing

    Anthology Summary: Stories, drabbles and sample chapters; the Dreamtime dragon authors are a collective of storytellers brought together by their love of Fantasy in all it’s guises. 

    Travel the Wyrde Wood with a giant wyrm or defend a pod of humpback whales with a dragon, explore the deepest goblin caverns, search for a dragon egg in the midst of a Viking raid or in a post-apocalyptic city where five gold coins is the price for the prize you seek!

    Explore imaginary worlds with creatures of Fantasy and dragons… lots of dragons! Noble dragons, funny dragons, cloud dragons, spirit dragons and even a revenge dragon!

    Humour, drama, mythology and more await in 12 stories and drabbles, plus 8 novel excerpts that will lead you to your next great Fantasy read! 

    My Story: “Arthur and The Egg”

    A contemporary urban fantasy re-telling of “Jack and The Beanstalk”, Arthur and his mother are faced with the prospect of losing their home in the wake of massive debt and bills his mother’s job as a washerwoman can’t keep up with, and the fact that no one will hire Arthur for even menial grunt work. Their only recourse, it seems, is to sell his father’s derelict truck–though Arthur is reluctant to part with this last memory of him. He makes the last-ditch effort, and actually receives a job offer–from a professed dragon hunter. Arthur doesn’t believe in dragons… Little does he know that he’s about to make a discovery that will change his life forever!



    Cracks In The Tapestry Anthology

    Amazon Listing

    Anthology Summary: What happens when the mundane and the fantastic meet? We get Cracks in the Tapestry. Can a former secret agent’s sister return from the dead, bringing with her mysteries surrounding her miraculous return? Reverend Josiah takes his message from God to a new planet eager to spread the gospel. A NASCAR driver discovers there is much more happening on the track then he ever had imagined. A thief must steal her love’s most prized possession. A scientist discovers something very peculiar about an archeologist exhibiting odd behavior. A newborn siren discovers a man who can resist her song. A Sioux warrior must face off against the might of the US Military Remnant to defend his home and people. Will you peer through the Cracks in the Tapestry?

    My Story: “Heartsong”

    In this magical new take on the siren myth, a woman is found stowing away on a ship, and thrown overboard by the band of pirates who believe that “a woman on board is bad luck.” She is given a second lease at life as a siren, transforming into the underwater creature and joining a long tradition of innocent women rejected by men, sent to the sea to drown, only to be reborn with a fishlike body and the ability to hear the “heartsong” of every creature, the music of their psyche. By singing this heartsong, the siren captures the will of the creature; then she may change the tune at will, bending the creature to do what she likes. Most of the time, the sirens use this ability for revenge: they capture a sailor’s attention, lure him off the boat, and then continue singing to him as he drowns, the way the men in their lives sought to drown them.

    Until the day one siren encountered a man whose heartsong she couldn’t sing. How could this be? What was so different about him? How long would she be able to keep it a secret before the others in her group found out that she held a supposed victim captive–alive?

    >Hear An Excerpt With StoryTime!<


    Devorah Fox

    I hope you’re having a great time.


    “The Upstream Writer” Grand Tour!

    As part of my booth, I thought I’d give a quick tour around my six-and-a-half-year-old blog, just so you know what to expect… Feel free to click the links and head to whichever topic strikes your fancy!

    About Me

    Under this tab, you’ll find some of the first articles I wrote, early on in the blog: my personal story, why I decided to call the blog “The Upstream Writer”, what it looks like in my head sometimes when I’m coming up with a story, and all the Blog Hops I’ve been privileged to be a part of. This is where you’ll find out more personal stuff about me!


    These are the non-fiction posts I’ve written for the blog: some about my writing process, a whole slew of Top 10/5/3 Lists and recommendations for everything from books to TV shows to films, some “How To” posts for just about every stage of the writing process, and even some “Literary Articles” about particular books or authors. This is where you’ll find the “nonfiction section” of my blog!

    Reader’s Reviews

    Speaking of “books or authors”, this next tab is where I list all 100+ featured indie reviews I’ve posted since starting the blog (sorted by genre). For a few years, also (back when I had more free time on my hands….) I would visit the library quite regularly, and post lists of books I had read over a given time period, along with a short paragraph detailing my thoughts about the book. This is where you’ll find independently-published books worth reading in just about every niche of the sci-fi and fantasy genre, and many, many pictures of whole stacks of books!

    Flash Fictions

    This is a fairly new page, since I realized I had several different stories that were getting lost in the shuffle of sooo many posts, and I wanted to give my readers a place to easily find all my short tales and “miniseries.” Ones like “Heartsong” (yes, the same one I mentioned as included in the Cracks In The Tapestry anthology! This is where it began!), “The Fairy Godfather”, “The Misfortune Cookie”, “The Glow”, “Arthur and The Egg”, “The Prince and The Rose”, and a whole list of flash-fiction pieces I wrote off of various picture and text prompts.

    Serial Saturdays

    Now this one is fairly full, because I started posting “serials” one installment at a time from the very beginning of my blog.

    The serials I’ve run so far are:

    Protective Custody: a paranormal/procedural/romantic comedy where a lazy junior officer is haunted by a young couple he could have saved, and their mission is to instill in him some better habits.

    A Writer’s Tale: A serial novel I wrote in less than a month, about a writer who can’t figure out what to write, but she ends up typing on a magical typewriter that opens a portal to a string of worlds based on different genres, and the writer has to survive through these different adventures in order to make it back to her world!

    Cipherstalker: My first attempt at “thriller/mystery” and… well… It didn’t exactly turn out like I hoped, let me just say that!

    The Telmar Trilogy: A trilogy I wrote as kind of a spin-off/fanfiction/tribute to the Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis. I had this idea of a girl who was deaf-mute going to the world of Narnia and being able to hear and speak–little did I know just how HUGE and pretty near-canon this tiny idea would end up being!

    The Day of Reckoning: Back in college, I was on a forum with a bunch of the other students. A lot of them were into RPG, so they had a gigantic thread of this “war” between their manufactured worlds going on… I didn’t know how to role-play, but I was looking for something new to write, so I got together with the moderator of the thread and had some of the players volunteer their characters, to write a serial based on the background for this RPG they had. It was massively fun!

    The Suggestion Box: This is kind of huge and confusing, but I’ll try to explain: Once again, I was on the hunt for something to write. I started wondering if I could build a story from a set of basic information: just a name, a place, a time, and an object. I couldn’t think of any good ones off the top of my own head, so I hit up a bunch of my followers to give me a list, as random or specific as they liked, and my challenge would be to put them all together into a flash-fiction-type piece. I didn’t have to create an elaborate plot, and I didn’t have to go beyond one or two scenes. VOLUME 1 was my first attempt, with very few responses. The next year, for VOLUME 2, I increased the challenge by attempting to connect these individual, unrelated lists into a cohesive, comprehensive plot–and it worked! So for the next year, VOLUME 3, I did a mix of both: I had some stand-alone pieces, but I also started a continuous plot-line, so that the ones that fit would become part of that story, or the ones that didn’t would be another stand-alone. That one lasted for an entire year! By VOLUME 4, I was participating in an “A to Z Challenge” and I decided to use characters I’d already written for, one for every letter of the alphabet, and come up with a time, place, and object for them, thus continuing what I’d already started before. (*Note: If anyone is ever stumped on what to write, I HIGHLY recommend this method!

    The Clan of Outcasts: A series of character inspiration images with a similar aesthetic gave rise to a serial adventure I categorized as “fantasypunk”, a predominantly fantasy setting with some sci-fi elements, where a group of super-powered individuals band together to take down the administration that wants to kill or control them.

    Priscilla Sum: A rather failed attempt at writing a mythology-based series, inspired by a picture of the three actors together and the comment: “This looks like a poster for a comedy where a spunky college girl tries to hide from the world that her parents are immortal deities.” I want to read this as much as the next person… maybe I’ll finish it eventually!

    The Dragon’s Mark: This was the story I actually started writing for the OWS anthology “Glass and Ashes”, but by the deadline I was only halfway through the story and more than DOUBLE the word count limit–so I ignored submitting and just posted it on my blog instead! It’s a twist on Cinderella–with DRAGONS!

    The ReBible Series

    This is a series I want to write eventually… at one point I tried a few of them, but I am convinced that they will all require a lot of research to make them credible, and that’s just not time or headspace I have right now.

    Basically, I envisioned taking the stories of different characters from the Bible: Joseph, Daniel, Esther, David, Ruth, and so on, and turning them into contemporary novels, while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the original account. For example, Joseph becomes a new recruit in a military unit, and his ability to interpret dreams is now a knack for codes and languages. Daniel is an administrative staffer for a small company that is taken over by a large corporation, and he is forced to work for this new corporation. Ruth is an African-American woman who married into a white family in Harlem, New York in the 1920’s–then the Great Depression hits, and she chooses to travel with her mother-in-law back to “Naomi”‘s family’s plantation in the Deep South, where they must work together to save it from being reclaimed by the bank. Jonah is a comic-book enthusiast who has been noticing correlations between the events of a particular series, and circumstances surrounding a particular corporation in the real world. Someday, I will write this series!

    The Shelf

    There was a time when I had so many ideas of things I wanted to do, so many works-in-progress, that I decided to list them out on a blog page, looking for feedback, motivation, accountability, and inspiration. Out of 15 stories listed, 2 are actually complete, 5 need major rewrites, and the rest are either started and unfinished, or not started at all. Everything from Jane Austen adaptations (two for Persuasion, one is a contemporary romance and the other is a dark fantasy mashup) to middle-grade fantasy adventures, to dark and creepy thrillers… Take a look, and feel free to comment on anything that looks interesting to you!

    Blogs I Follow

    At one point, I was trying to drum up more of a “community” with my blog… but I haven’t updated that page in so long that some links are now obsolete… and others, I honestly don’t even follow anymore… I want to update it with links to the different blogs from the blog hops I’ve participated in, I just haven’t got around to that yet.

    Princess of Undersea

    Being new to this whole “published author” business, I wanted to give visitors to my blog a chance to see the evolution of a novella from the very beginning, that first rough draft, the character bios, all the tie-in short stories, character interviews, blog reviews, and whatnot! So this is where you can find out everything blogged about my book!

    Feel free to ask any questions, and I hope this tour has made the massive amounts of posts I have a little less daunting!


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