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    Lesley Donaldson

    Thanks for checking out my CyCon booth! My name is Lesley and I write stories that take you to fantastical worlds with compelling guides. I’m thrilled that you’re spending a moment of your valuable time with me.

    Please enjoy this free book of short stories! Simply click on the picture below.

    What is your plan for surviving an alien invasion? How did Princesses Clotilde and Chroma use magic to found the Frankish empire?

    Escape from reality in my first collection of speculative fiction. Discover light and dark short stories and flash fiction that stir the imagination and haunt the soul.

    These sixteen easy-read shorts include a little bit of something in here for every fan of speculative fiction. Mermaids, aliens, and ghosts share pages with Lesley’s creatures, like the mantygtaur in A Vow of Silent Sacrifice. And the next time you come across a puddle, you might want to turn back after reading “A Quick Run.”

    Your free Inside Voices features a preview of my debut fantasy, The Queen’s Viper, a 2016 Kindle Book Awards Semi-Finalist.

    I invite you to join me and the many talented authors of OWS CyCon 2019 in the Fantasy and Sci-Fi Readers Lounge on Facebook. I’ll be there LIVE Saturday and Sunday for my author takeover events.

    Of course, I’ll be back on the OWS website, answering your questions!

    Let’s connect!

    website: writerlesleydonaldson.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/WriterLesleyDonaldson.com
    Twitter: twitter.com/BornAgainWriter
    Instagram: instagram.com/purpleizmine_lesley_donaldson


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