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    Hey, there, and welcome to my booth for this! Okay, so, you may be wondering why I’m in the Horror/Thriller category when I have 2 others listed. Welp, my books are kind of a hybrid of the three. There are two full arcs (the third in progress, and the fourth already stressing me out despite not having gone past the second draft of it as of yet), and each is its own genre so far.

    I’ll go more into each of the arcs a bit later. But for now, a little info about the books themselves.

    1) They’re generally short.

    2) They’re in 1st person/present tense POV.

    3) They switch POVs often, with each POV having its own font.

    4) Some sequences are illustrated as comic sections. Regular chase/fight scenes are done digitally. Nightmares are painted in watercolors, flashbacks are in black Sharpie (with gray brush pen). Hallucinations are in mixed media, ghost encounters have been done once…those and fights within one’s mind are done with a mix of traditional and digital.

    5) These are NOT for young readers.

    6) I’d like to take this moment to put a trigger warning up for them. These books contain instances of: Language (ESPECIALLY Travis), violence (a lot of it…Jesse likes to get creative with her murders), mentions of suicide/suicidal ideation, one instance of sexual assault (that is different than one might expect and probably one of the more horrifying types), kidnapping (mostly with Travis, again…). Again…yep, taking this moment to do that now.

    Anyway, yes, these books can probably be described as experimental hybrids (much like a good portion of their characters).

    You can check all of them out here, and my next posts will be about the arcs themselves, the characters, and a few anthologies!





    Since I’m listed under 3 genres, I’ll mainly just post the Arc 1 stuff here. That’s the most horror-heavy group of books.

    First up is Visions https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B010YG2MMI/

    Dr. Spencer Abbot has been searching for the ideal anniversary gift for his wife. When he and his friend Travis meet a woman that claims she can help, they accept.

    The pair are led to Visions Studios. But instead of the boudoirs photos they’d intended to get, they stumble upon something far more sinister: snuff films.

    Before long, it’s up to Travis to resolve their situation, no matter what tries tog et in his way.

    This first installment of the Hell Bent series blends urban fantasy, sci-fi, horror, a bit of humor, and plenty of action.

    WARNING: This also contains somewhat graphic content, including a handful of murders by an antagonist who doesn’t tend to limit herself on what she does to people (up to and including immolation and an acid attack).


    Retribution https://www.amazon.com/Retribution-Hell-Bent-Book-2-ebook/dp/B01387TIEU

    It’s been 5 months since the Visions Incident. 5 months since the Abbots/Malones had dealt with sadistic murderess Jesse Lynn Belle. Over this time, Travis and Spencer have been undergoing therapy, trying to cope with the trauma.

    But signs of Jesse’s presence begin cropping up. And it’s beginning to take a toll on Travis. It soon comes down to him, his aunt, and her friends to track her down, before it costs them the rest of their family.

    This second installment in a three-part story arc brings more action, new characters, and more of the city of Hell Bent.

    *WARNING: This book contains some scenes of violence, including a non-medical amputation and an immolation attempt.*

    Destruction https://www.amazon.com/Destruction-Hell-Bent-Book-3-ebook/dp/B0186GZ220

    Jesse Lynn Belle has not made contact with Travis and Spencer’s family in four months, and things couldn’t be better. The nightmares have been happening with less and less frequency, and Spencer is now a father.

    But then an evil they hoped never to encounter again turns up, and Travis soon finds himself taken from all he knows and loves. And it’s Jesse’s intent to utterly break the young half-monkey.

    What if she succeeds? And if she does, will his family and friends be able to fix him?

    *WARNING: Of all of my books, this one is probably the most in-need of a content warning, as it contains mentions/instances of abuse, sexual content of a non-consensual nature (at one point, but it still happens), and the violence gets kicked up a notch.*





    Devorah Fox

    and Lady Blackwing sends her regards!



    Wow, your books sound intense.  Great to hear about them 🙂



    Wow, your books sound intense.  Great to hear about them 🙂

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