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    Third go with this. I’ve gotten booths set up for the Horror and Urban Fantasy segments.

    Arc 1: https://owscycon.ourwriteside.com/forums/topic/k-matt-horror-urban-fantasy-sci-fi/

    Arc 2: https://owscycon.ourwriteside.com/forums/topic/k-matt-horror-urban-fantasy-sci-fi-2/

    For those who’d rather not go to those two to see what it’s all about:

    1) They’re generally short.

    2) They’re in 1st person/present tense POV.

    3) They switch POVs often, with each POV having its own font.

    4) Some sequences are illustrated as comic sections. Regular chase/fight scenes are done digitally. Nightmares are painted in watercolors, flashbacks are in black Sharpie (with gray brush pen). Hallucinations are in mixed media, ghost encounters have been done once…those and fights within one’s mind are done with a mix of traditional and digital.

    5) These are NOT for young readers.

    6) I’d like to take this moment to put a trigger warning up for them. These books contain instances of: Language (ESPECIALLY Travis), violence (a lot of it…Jesse likes to get creative with her murders), mentions of suicide/suicidal ideation, one instance of sexual assault (that is different than one might expect and probably one of the more horrifying types), kidnapping (mostly with Travis, again…). Again…yep, taking this moment to do that now.

    Anyway, yes, these books can probably be described as experimental hybrids (much like a good portion of their characters).

    You can check all of them out here, and my next posts will be about the arcs themselves, the characters, and a few anthologies!


    So here, I’ll go into the 3rd, more sci-fi arc.



    Alright, so, now we get into Arc 3 so far, anthologies, and plans for the future.

    Protection https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07H7LCD5B

    Recently forced into retirement from the assassination biz, Beast Taylor has found herself looking for other ways to occupy her time. While she does appreciate this new, less dangerous life, she does sometimes find it to be a bit dull.

    Thus, she becomes somewhat conflicted upon learning that an old enemy has escaped from prison. On the one hand, she looks forward to another battle. But on the other, there are members of her family that she knows will become this escapee’s first targets.

    But is the escapee the real threat this time, or is it someone more exclusive to her own past?



    Now, that’s only the first book of Arc 3.

    In the works right now is book 8 of Hell Bent: Reunion.

    Beast continues to settle into her new life, a feat made easier with the fact that she knows her old enemy is still around. And what’s more, her younger brother is in town for a visit.


    But Beast is thrown into confusion when she meets a young man that looks a lot like herself, albeit with some differences: where she has feline features, his are canine, and he seems to have huge feathered wings. He seems nice enough, but there is something about him that isn’t quite right…








    Incarceration is book 9. In it,

    It was something she never thought would happen, with the government of Hell Bent itself officially sanctioning her assassin activities. But Beast has been arrested for murder. She denies having committed the crime, but the police refuse to believe her. Even worse, one officer in particular seems to hold a grudge against her, making the inherent unpleasantness of the Hell Bent prison system even more of a living hell.


    The evidence is certainly stacked against her, but did she really do it? Find out here, as the third arc of the Hell Bent series comes to its conclusion. 



    Then we have the prequel to Hell Bent, which has been in the works for a while now. Transformations:

    Two children from an abusive home are given a second chance.

    Rage changes a young genetic experiment’s situation from hopeless to something a bit more.

    A pair of twins and their little brother are separated in their youth after their parents are murdered.

    Nerdy little Spencer Abbot goes from outgoing, to withdrawn, thanks to a pair of rather cruel bullies.

    Sick and twisted, a girl murders both of her parents, eventually going on to star in her own films.

    For the crime of loving the wrong man, a mage puts his mother through the unthinkable.

    One Russian scientist seeks to change the world.

    Ready for a change, a young cop turns to the other side of the law, becoming a feared arms dealer.

    Many stories come together into this one volume.



    And now we get into the anthologies. I’ve been in 3 Fiction-Atlas Press anthologies so far, my stories all tying into Hell Bent. The first of those was…technically more fantasy than sci-fi, but genetic alteration plays a role in it.

    Rampage is the tale of a rock star whose girlfriend/main songwriter is fed up with his affairs with groupies. And so, she curses him…or more accurately, his hair. His hair begins to take on a mind of its own, devouring all in its path. And soon, he enlists the help of a pair of nerds from out of town to stop his hair before it can devour all of Cleveland.

    It can be found in A Twist of Fate: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078QYZDNY



    The second anthology was a time travel themed one called Counterclockwise. https://www.amazon.com/Counterclockwise-Fiction-Atlas-Time-Travel-Anthology-ebook/dp/B07DNKL3JL

    Screwing With The Timeline For Fun And Profit: A trio of teenage assassins come into conflict with an officer of the Agency of Temporal Relations over a target. The youngest of the trio, in a fit of teenage rebellion, steals the officer’s time travel device. It ultimately falls on her shoulders to fix things, before history is altered for the worst.



    And the newest story was for a superhero-themed anthology: Beyond The Mask. https://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Mask-Fiction-Atlas-Superhero-Anthology-ebook/dp/B07LFPSGX5

    My story for it is Travesty, in which a comic shop employee with regenerative properties is dared by his coworker to become a superhero. At first, he intends to stay away from the string of arsons going through the city. But when a chance encounter with the arsonist leaves him fuming, will he be able to stop him? Or is he just playing with fire?

    Please note: the promo image I drew for this was based on a pre-existing Captain America cover.



    Connie Cockrell

    Interesting art! Go for it.

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