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    Judith Rook

    Hello, and welcome to my author booth at the OWS Cyber Conference. Imagine that you’re in a hall, so big you can’t see where it ends, and there are aisles of brightly coloured stalls, with a table in each, large pictures on the walls, and lots and lots of books. Some you can pick up to read and other things you can stream onto monitors in the back corners of the booths.

    Each booth is inhabited by a human being—An author (perhaps you’re one)—who sits behind the table and chats with you about many things, but mainly about the books and stories they have on display.

    In my booth, the table is dressed in a white and green cloth, festooned with runners of Australian eucalyptus foliage (the scent is wonderful), a 7 cm Hollardops from Morocco (about three million years old), and owls in wood, ceramic, glass, metal—because owls are my brand. Copies of three of my books are also displayed, with book-marks, useful tins and freshly-baked biscuits and cakes. The back wall of the booth shows a large picture of stars and glaxies, taken through the Hubble space telescope.

    And that’s my booth. I’m sorry I can’t 3-D print the cookies, but one day, tech things developing as they are, I wouldn’t be surprised to find myself transferring Lamingtons (an iconic Australian delicacy) from Western Australia to the US and other places at the click of a key.

    Judith Rook


    Judith Rook

    JUDITH ROOK BIOGRAPHY (very brief)

    Judith Rook was born in rural Yorkshire in the UK. Now she lives in Western Australia. The picture below is of Judith with a granddaughter, looking across the estuary in the small coastal city which is her home.

    In her early years, Judith wrote whatever she felt like writing—stories, poems, plays, reflections.  Then life intervened and her literary imagination went underground.  For some time, she worked in education, radio, and wrote articles and reviews about music.

    Towards the end of her working life, Judith began to write Science Fiction novels. She joined two writing groups, developed her technical skills and learned how to write stories for other people.

    Science Fiction is Judith’s favourite reading genre, then come the great classics.  Among her Sci-Fi authors are: Isaac Asimov, Ursula K. Le Guin, C.J. Cherryh, Arthur C. Clarke, Phillip K. Dick and Julian May.  Judith also writes short stories, generally about ordinary Australian life.

    From time to time Judith rallies around important social issues and has been known to take to the streets in support, so long as there are good cafés along the way.


    Judith Rook


    Judith Rook


    During the OWSCycon days and for two weeks after, Judith’s novel “Planet Woman” will be on sale on Amazon for $0.99.

    http://geni.us/p1w2     http://geni.us/p1w2Sm

    The storyline running through “Planet Woman” and the follow-on novel “Man of Two Planets” deals with a planet which can think and interact with her colonising humans.  This puts both books into the general field of speculative/science fiction.  However, the themes appearing in the narratives narrow the genre area more towards Space Opera.


    The planet Circe has a mind.  Over the years, she has become self-aware, and the humans who live with her are slightly different from humans on other planets. However, they keep themselves to themselves and do not make contact with non-thinking planets.

    But now Circe is reaching out to First Home, a technological giant, her strongest neighbour.  She has sensed a great danger approaching from another part of the galaxy and she needs help to deal with it.

    When a diplomatic mission arrives from First Home Lewis, the sardonic envoy clashes with Tethyn, his Circean hostess. But they must smooth out their differences and come together for the sake of the future and the survival of the entire solar system.



    Judith Rook


    Connie Cockrell

    Love Planet Woman’s cover. Well done!


    Judith Rook

    BOOKS BY JUDITH ROOK (and Contact Information)

    Here are links to the other two of my books which have been published online:

    “Man of Two Planets”   http://geni.us/m1o2p     http://geni.us/m1o2pSm






    “First Steps for a Hero”    http://geni.us/Hero1     http://geni.us/Hero2

    (A Young Adult Novella)





    “COLONIST” by Judith Rook  (Pre-publication copies available on request.)

    Recently I completed another novel which I have not yet published. I’m waiting to find someone in Australia who can design a good book cover for it, but here is the one I cobbled together myself, together with a short synopsis.

    Edmund Brale is a man gifted with psychokinetic talents. He has been appointed to lead a human colony on an exo-planet for its first ten years. Under his guidance, the colonists encounter settlement problems they had not expected.

    His opponent is the female representative of a powerful Earth-based commercial corporation which has funded the enterprise. Although the agreement is that the colonising plan takes precedence over everything, she intends to make changes which will benefit the corporation.

    The main theme is the personal development of the protagonist. He has plenty to deal with: the corporate threat from Earth, the discovery of an unexpected newly-emerging psychic talent in the colony itself, and an encounter with aliens who exist as pure energy. On top of all that, he must decide whether to take on responsibility for the simple native life of the planet – or not.



    Twitter:  https://twitter.com/JudithRook2 

    Facebook Author Page:  https://www.facebook.com/JudithRookBooks/

    Goodreads:  http://geni.us/bYL    

    Judith Rook

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