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    Look at his handsome self!Howdy,
    Nice to meet you. I consider myself boring and dull. People tell me otherwise. Meet me, we’ll nosh, then you can decide.

    A bio written by a fan: Joseph Carrabis is the author of over a dozen novels and hundreds of short stories, including the Nebula-nominated Cymodoce and the Pushcart nominated The Weight. Raised by his maternal grandfather John, Joseph developed a thirst for knowledge that would motivate him to seek immersion within indigenous societies all over the world. These experiences compelled Joseph to help others and have inspired his writing. In addition to writing fiction, Joseph is the author of internationally best-selling non-fiction. Prior to becoming a full-time author, Joseph sat on several advisory boards including the Center for Multicultural Science and the Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy. He was a Senior Research Fellow at the Society for New Communications Research, an Annenberg Fellow at the University of Southern California, and served with the UN/NYAS Scientists Without Borders program. He currently holds patents in what the USPTO describes as “a base, disruptive technology that allows machines to understand and respond to human thought.” Joseph was born in Melrose, MA, and currently lives in Nashua, New Hampshire with his wife, Susan, and their two four-legged children Boo and Ghost.

    Links and such: Read me on Amazon
    Read my blog (and mostly free) – My lastest post is I Have Codes and I Know How to Use Them (freebie! Go wild with it!)

    Follow me on Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Goodreads, Pinterest, Instagram, down the street, to the grocery store, …



    Ah, my books…

    Empty Sky So far, as self-published novel, Empty Sky – Jamie’s mom, Ellie, has been missing for over a year and, on a recent camping trip, his dad, Tim, started falling in and out of a bizarre, undiagnosable coma.

    The only person who seems to understand what’s going on is the mysterious Mr. Graywolf, one of the AirAmbulance team who gets Jamie’s dad from the Michigan UP forests to Dr. Jack Games’ – Tim’s best friend and whom Jamie calls Uncle Jack – clinic.

    Jamie’s never seen Graywolf before but Shem, who protects Jamie jealously from all strangers, behaves like he’s known Graywolf all his life.

    Uncle Jack’s team can’t figure out what’s happening with Jamie’s dad and contacts Dr. Capocek Lupicen, a neurophysiologist at Dartmouth University, in the hope that Dr. Lupicen can help. Dr. Lupicen’s created ANN, an immensely powerful quantum computer that dreams by creating Penrose consciousnesses, intersections of quantum realities, that may be able to reach through Tim’s coma and help him find a way out.

    But on the way, in the middle of the night, Mr. Graywolf comes and asks Jamie to go with him and takes him to meet The Moon, The Queen of the Night, her Guardians and her children, the Oneiroi, the Keepers of Dreams.

    “The world is losing its ability to hope,” she tells Jamie. “People no longer have dreams. You have a gift, and through your gift the world can experience hope again.”

    “If I do what you ask, will it help my dad? Or help me find my mom?”

    “Your mother is safe in the World of Dreams. Your father goes into coma when she is near, hoping he can find her.”

    All the while, the NSA’s Earl Pangiosi is working to weaponize dreams, and he discovers Jamie, like his mother, can control and manipulate dreams. Pangiosi kidnapped Jamie’s mom because of her ability to control dreams, and must either destroy or control ANN because, although a machine, ANN has learned to hope. But to do that, he will have to defeat Dr. Lupicen’s core group of dreamers, The Moon, her shapeshifting guardians, the Oneiroi, Jamie and Shem, all of whom will do anything to stop him.

    What does it mean to believe tomorrow will be better than today if you’re a small boy who lost his mother and may be losing his father? What does it mean to believe in things unseen when everything you can see seems to work against you?

    And what if saving your mother and father means sacrificing your best friend and protector?

    A self-published anthology, Tales Told ‘Round Celestial Campfires – … everything written here actually happened.

    No, really, it did. I’ve seen things and been places and met…creatures…most people can’t imagine. Or wouldn’t want to. Or should. It all depends on the person and the creature.

    But much like Gahan Wilson’s “I only paint what I see”, I only write about what’s actually happened…

    These stories have the flavor of an old sea tale, or something told around a campfire late at night. You have a wonderful distinctive voice. – Boston, MA

    I loved the feel, the tone of your writing – it is very sensitive, ethereal. – Walnut Creek, CA

    Extremely powerful storytelling! – St. Louis, MO

    So sit back, relax, have something tasty near at hand or tentacle or claw. Read these when other people are around… if you can trust they’re really people. Or read them alone, when it’s dark out. Maybe. Unless you’re not sure what things go bump in the night or scurry unseen in the dark.

    (All of the stories in this anthology are available as individual Tales on Amazon. See my Author page.

    My next novel, The Augmented Man is due out 25 July 2019 and has already received amazing reviewsWhat do you do with a deadly weapon when it’s no longer needed?
    Nicholas Trailer is the last of The Augmented Men, beings created first by society and completed by a political group the public can’t even imagine exists. Captain James Donaldson takes severely abused and traumatized children and modifies them into monsters capable of the most horrifying deeds without feeling any remorse or regret.

    But the horrors of war never stay on the battlefield. They always come home.
    Battling what society and science has made him, Nick Trailer discovers he is loved. From the horrors of childhood to the horrors of a war, what does it take for someone to find true love and peace? Especially when everyone has their own agenda, from the senators who sanctioned his making to the Governor of Maine who wants to use Nick’s struggle to propel himself to the White House.

    The Augmented Men were good at war, perhaps a little too good. Now they have to come home…or do they? What do you do with man-made monsters?
    Nick must decide if his friends are his friends and if his enemies are his enemies, all while protecting the woman he loves.

    And are you truly the last of your kind?
    What if you must remain a monster to defeat a monster? Will you sacrifice love to protect what you love?

    You can pre-order signed copies. Please do. I won’t mind.

    That’s it for now. Hope you like.

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