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    H. Glogau-Morgan
    Holly lives in the rural Piedmont Valley of Virginia with her husband, spoiled furred and feathered “kids” and various, somewhat friendly, wildlife. Her first novel was written after several short stories caught regional attention and her family coaxed her to put a series of vivid dreams she experienced into a proper novel. There wound up being enough content for three books. The timing to start writing was perfect, as she had recently lost her ability to teach full-time due to the effects of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Both her first novel “Midnight to Morning” and recently released second “Sunrise to Shadows,” have been written using adaptive equipment. The final book in the series, “Evening to Eternity” will be out in early summer 2019. She will be quickly following it up with the dystopian YA/NA novel, titled “Song of Sar’i”

    Where to find Holly and her books


    Facebook  (I am holding Q and A sessions here all weekend long!)



    Hello! Holly here! I’m happy you’ve stopped by to have a look around! Please let me know if you have any questions about the novels, writing with adaptive equipment or anything else.



    Midnight to Morning
    “Midnight to Morning” is the gripping tale of one woman’s journey through the darkest times of her life in a squalid refugee camp, her rescue, amazing awakening, and the discovery that her life has been guided from the start. Be there as she learns the world is not how it appears to be, and as the secret group of people who rescued her train her to help them save countless others. Earth is at a dangerous tipping point, and her new skills could be the key to success at saving it. Experience as she comes alive again and learns that midnight has passed and morning has come. Truly an incredible journey, written for a wide range of readers. The first book in the trilogy, it has plenty of twists and turns, mystery, and discovery to keep the reader entranced.

    (Want to know more? Read the attached excerpt!)



    Sunrise to Shadows

    Nearly a year after the events which lead to her dramatic rescue in “Midnight to Morning,” Harlie Berryman’s new life continues to push the boundaries of what most know as reality. The group who rescued her have become her family, and they are preparing for their biggest battle yet. Billions of lives are at stake, and one wrong move could tip the scales in the enemies favor. It could tip Earth past its breaking point. Knowing this, as well as deeper secrets, Harlie pushes herself harder and farther than anyone thought possible. Go with her on this next stage of missions, lessons, of discovering who she really is, and what those who are the closest to her have been sent to accomplish. Evil lurks in many shadows…



    COMING IN JUNE 2019!

    The incredible conclusion to the Midnight to Morning trilogy is packed with adventure.

    After the tragedy which left her no choice but to be pushed into the future, Harlie Berryman has a lot to adjust to. This Earth, the one sending people to other timelines to help save those versions, is not how James and Rick described. Harlie faces some of her greatest challenges just to survive long enough to be reunited with them and prepare to be sent to 1994 on Earth 721…They hit the ground running and their early missions cause plenty of waves. However, everyone is struggling to adjust to this new and unplanned reality. It takes them down a path never predicted and brings Harlie to a dangerous crossroad.

    Will she make the right choices to save not just this Earth but herself?



    Hi Holly! Good luck with your latest release, I just followed you across all platforms so I’ll know when it comes out. Enjoy CyCon 🙂


    Connie Cockrell

    Lovely covers. Best of luck with the series.

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