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    Edwin Downward

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    Edwin Downward describes himself as a Christian, a Father, a Husband, and a writer of Science Fiction Adventures.

    The Downward family lives as far away from his work near the centre of Vancouver BC as a reasonable commute will allow in a small house guarded by a crack squad of Vorpal Bunnies supported by a duo of Karate Kitties.

    SicFi has been a key part of my life from the day my sister introduced me to authors like Andre Norton, EE Doc Smith, and Arthur C Clarke and the opportunity to see my own writing in print a dream from before even then.

    Find out more about me in the following places:

    My website

    On Twitter

    On my Facebook Page



    Edwin Downward

    One's Place teaser Cover

    This is a short teaser I wrote to introduce readers to my writing style and my universe. Available for free download from most of the major ebook stores.

    Get it here


    Edwin Downward

    Synergy Of Hopes cover image

    They have nothing in common but a will to survive. Book one of my Worlds Together adventure series.

    Signal lost…Error: unable to resolve Star Fix…Location Unknown. Searching for Star Fix…

    Nivpul Exavent took comfort in a single fact, the anomaly had released his Grandfather’s ship intact.

    Long range sensors suggested the tumbling contact could be a ship. How could he ignore the possibility of survivors after he’d lost family when no one could get to them in time?

    Then his star drive failed, and survival itself depended on how far he could trust the sole occupant plucked off a ship in far worse shape than his own.

    Get it here

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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