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    Richard White


    Like you, I am an Indie Author. It was a journey that began years ago, and one that I soon learned would require all of my life experiences to make a success. Because being an Indie Author is about more than writing a good story. It’s also about finding a team that can partner with you to edit, proof, design and help you set realistic goals for the milestones of publishing your book.

    I had so many questions about what to do next, and no one to guide me. I knew then that I needed to build a place where an author could find the support they need to plan and reach their goals.

    ALAREON’s processes are transparent,  with clearly defined schedules and milestones that will keep you moving along the path to publication.

    The ALAREON team of editors, proofers and graphic artists will work with you to make your vision a reality, without breaking your bank account.

    Our rates are clearly displayed on our site, and we always work with the author to make sure we are not only providing value, but to make sure the price is never a surprise.

    When we meet with you to talk about your plans we create timelines that we share with the author so they can plan their release down to the tiniest details.

    Or if you are in experienced author looking to shake things up or add to your support teams, we can help you with the specific items you need right now.

    ALAREON has the flexibility and experience to help you with any of your publication needs.

    Check out our website for more information, or Contact us today so we can set up a Skype chat and talk specifics about how ALAREON can help you make your story shine!



    “I was pleasantly surprised and pleased at the personalized and detailed service offered by ALAREON MEDIA. From my initial contact with Jo Anne, who made every effort to make sure I was fully supported through my writing and publishing process, to the editing process with Elizabeth, who was thorough, encouraging, and delivered my edits in a timely manner on the promised dates. I appreciate their organization as well as their friendliness. I will definitely continue working with these wonderful ladies!”
    -Elise Marion, USA Today Bestselling Author

    “ALAREON MEDIA has transformed the process I use for book editing. They take me through the whole process from initial edits, to proof readers and on to BETA readers with target dates set out at the start of the contract. Not only have they saved me time and money, but they have relieved much of the stress involved in editing books with tight deadlines.

    When it comes to self-publishing, a professionally edited book really stands out in the very crowded marketplace. You need to have not only an editor, but a proofreader and professional BETA readers as well. ALAREON MEDIA is the best value for money editing company I have used in the five plus years I’ve self-published books. I signed my first editing contract with ALAREON MEDIA hoping for an improvement in grammar and style for my books. In reality, I got so much more.

    Jo and her team provide guidance on keeping the plot lines and character development through a very unwieldy series consistent through all the books. They are a sounding board for what works in the meat and bones of the story including suggestions on readability and structure.

    ALAREON MEDIA provides a consistently well rounded editing and proofreading service that is transparent and manageable. They are reliable and friendly to work with while providing professional guidance.

    Most of all, ALAREON MEDIA is a fantastic cost effective partner for Indie authors and I highly recommend any of their services.” P NELSON, Erotic Romance Author

    “I have been using Alareon’s services since 2018 and have found them to be invaluable. There is something to suit every budget and the service is second to none.

    As an indie author, editing is always a problem. Finding many other editing service providers so costly as to be prohibitive, Alareon was a great find indeed. The list of services is distinct, offering many options to the self-published writer, and this is what drew me in the first place.

    The editing process is clear, thorough, and accurate and both Elizabeth and Jo give me timely updates as to the progress of every manuscript I send to them.

    Don’t let reviews listing your typos be the thing which defines your book. Give Alareon a try, you won’t be sorry.” Kate Carteret, Regency Romance Author

    Come visit us today, and let’s talk about what ALAREON can do for you!



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