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    Hi Everyone! I’m E.P. Clark. I write epic fantasy.

    E.P. Clark Author Photo
    (This is me in Florida. Most of my books are not, alas, set in Florida).

    You can say hi and find out more about me on the posts below, or by coming to visit me on social media. Links are below.

    Get my FREE story collection Winter of the Gods and Other Stories and sign up for my newsletter here.

    (These stories are set in a sort of fantasy Russia and Finland. See, not Florida at all. Again, you can get them for free here).

    My website is here.

    Here I am on Facebook.

    And here I am on Twitter.



    My main series is The Zemnian Series. I originally named it The Zemnian Trilogy, even though it was always planned to be in seven parts, in an homage to Douglas Adams and his trilogy in four (or was it five?) parts. It’s epic fantasy set in a kind of alternate Russian world that’s also a matriarchal society. I have a PhD in Russian literature and put all kinds of Easter eggs and other goodies about Russian culture and literature in the books! I’ve written a lot of blog posts about how I incorporate and rework classical Russian literature into my works; you can read some of them here and here.

    The links to the books are below. All the books are free on KU!

    TMLI Cover

    Universal link to The Midnight Land I 

    Universal link to The Midnight Land II

    Universal link to The Breathing Sea I

    Universal link to The Breathing Sea II

    Universal link to The Dreaming Land I

    Universal link for The Dreaming Land II

    Universal link for The Dreaming Land III

    Maybe now you can see why I originally labeled it as a trilogy! Because it is one, but each part of the trilogy comes in “episodes,” if you will.



    Hey everyone! Welcome to Day 1 of OWS CyCon! In honor of the fun and good times we’ll all be having here, I’m making my new release, “The Shadowy Man,” FREE on Kindle throughout the event. You can snag a copy here: http://mybook.to/shadowyman




    And I guess the cat’s out of the bag, since I forgot to log out from my other pen name and posted using it instead of E.P. Clark. So I’ll go ahead and say that if you want to pop on over and say hi to me writing as Sid Stark in the Mystery/Suspense section, I’d love to see you! You can find me here: https://owscycon.ourwriteside.com/forums/topic/sid-stark/




    Hi All! Welcome to the last day of OWS CyCon! I hope you’re enjoying yourself as much as I am 🙂

    And just a reminder that I’m giving away my new release “The Shadowy Man” for free this weekend in honor of the con! You can grab your free copy here: http://mybook.to/shadowyman

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