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    Author Icon❤Cybill Cain writes stories about love, adventure and romance, and is the author of The Chimera Club Stories & Stories of the Heart- A Vampire Love Story.❤

    She is an international award winning author, experienced journalist, blogger, graphic artist and fanfiction enthusiast who writes romance because to her, “every story is a love story.”

    She is also a member of Romance Writers of America and The Alliance of Independent Authors.




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    The winner takes all in this high stakes game of passion and risk.

    They say rich guys have it all, but Brandon Davies would not agree. For him life has been an endless series of empty relationships and parties that have led him to put his heart away, and give up on love once and for all. As his thirtieth birthday approaches he starts to feel that even with the world at his fingertips, he’s missed out on all the things that truly make life exciting. That is until he meets Thomas Meenan, who makes him an offer that Brandon can’t refuse. A one night erotic high stakes poker game. He’ll bet his entire future on his ability to keep his head in the game while simultaneously deflowering a virgin.

    Camille Jones has lost her job, her bank account has been hacked and her mother is about to be evicted from her care facility because Camille’s last check bounced. She has nowhere left to turn until Thomas Meenan offers a onetime chance to make a hundred and seventy five thousand dollars in a single night. All she has to do is let a man she’s never met take her virginity in a room full of strangers while playing cards.

    When these two meet the sparks fly, but can they keep their poker faces long enough to win the game that will secure both their futures, or will it all prove to be too much for them to handle?



    Sometimes changing one thing can change everything.

    Max Alexander, Hollywood’s king of the silver screen, has made hearts flutter all over the world. He’s just wrapped his latest blockbuster, and is planning to visit on old college friend in Switzerland when his plans unexpectedly change. To make it up to him, Thomas Meenan, right hand man of his old friend, offers him a stay at Escape, a remote North Carolina B&B on the Atlantic coast. Unsure of the offer, but unwilling to offend his long term friend, he agrees to check it out. When he arrives there at four in the morning he finds something he never expected, but soon realizes is exactly what he needed.

    Annie Clemons has lived her entire life at Escape, painting in her attic studio, and walking on the beach. Not long ago she almost lost it to the bank before Thomas Meenan and the Chimera Group invested in the B&B in exchange for occasional use of the property for their special private events. Now, with Meenan as her partner, her home is secure and her financial troubles are behind her. She can’t imagine life getting any better until Max Alexander shows up in the middle of the night, and announces his plan to spend a month there alone with her.

    When Max and Annie meet hearts pound, and fantasies bloom, but as they grow closer someone else is watching their romance unfold, someone who has had his eye on Annie for a very long time. Someone who will do anything to claim the woman he believes should belong to him.



    Theirs was a love they couldn’t let go. Would fate give them a second chance?

    Stacy McGill met the love of his life before he was even old enough to shave. She was his best friend and his soulmate, but they were both so young time and circumstances tore them apart. He joined the Marines, and traveled the world, but he carried her with him every step of the way, never able to let go of what might have been. Over a decade has passed, and when he returns home after several weeks away on Chimera business, he finds his house burned to the ground. His boss, Thomas Meenan, offers him a place to stay while he works things out. When he meets his new neighbor the past and future collide offering him the second chance of a lifetime.

    Janine Banner had it rough in high school. She was an outsider, an overweight myopic teen whose only friend was the boy who won her heart. Before graduation, she planned a night to remember with him, only to have her dreams stolen away by a jealous girl who wanted him for herself. Leaving all hope of love behind her forever, Janine runs away and embarks on a life fighting for justice by the dim glow of her computer screen. It’s a lonely life until Thomas Meenan tracks her down in Italy, and offers her a job with Chimera, hacking the network of a ruthless Russian arms dealer.

    Love gets a second chance when these two find out together that happily ever after can still happen, even after you’ve given up on it.



    One taste will never be enough.

    James Draven is a handsome successful billionaire, and the driving force behind the Chimera Club. He’s at the top of his game when he sees the woman he’s been waiting for across a crowded restaurant. His plans to seduce and claim her are brought to a screeching halt when he crashes his car, leaving him scarred, angry and alone, surviving on dreams of the woman he almost met in another life.

    Della Martin grew up an orphan, and worked her way to the top of New York’s gourmet elite. When she’s summoned to receive a compliment her first night as head chef she glimpses a man that takes her breath away, but before she can get to him fate intervenes, and she makes a choice that prevents their meeting. A year later, still dreaming of the handsome stranger, she meets Thomas Meenan, who tells her that the man she can’t stop thinking about is in trouble, and only she can save him.




    The past and the future come together, and form a kaleidoscope in All the Colors of My Heart – A Chimera Club Short Story Collection.

    James Draven has secured his future with Della, and made her his wife, but he still needs to mend the bridges between him and Max Alexander, his best friend since college. As soon as he returns from his honeymoon, he and Della head to North Carolina to visit Max and Annie at Escape where old friends and new friends await in Colors of My Heart.

    Tony McIntire is learning it’s hard to let go of the past. While he tries to find peace with his own personal demons, he realizes that he and Janie McGill, the love of his best friend Stacy’s life, need to clear the air between them once and for all. Meanwhile, Janie and Stacy are also feeling the weight of regrets from their past, as each wrestles with a secret fear that their renewed love may not be enough to make up for all the time they were apart. The bonds of friendship and love grow stronger between them in If You Ever Need Anything.

    When Brandon and Camille get back from their honeymoon, his plans to secure a more comfortable life for Annalise are rocked by some unexpected news. Fearing that the future he has envisioned may be in danger, he embarks on a quest for information that could lead to a cure for Annalise, but to find what he needs he has to dig into the past that she kept from Camille. Fortune favors the bold, especially when I’ve got an Ace Up My Sleeve .

    At twenty-four, James Draven is named head of Draven International Holdings. Still reeling from the sudden loss of his father, and needing one last hurrah, he steals away to Amsterdam to meet up with his best friend Max, but gets more than he bargained for when he’s contacted by Kyrie Constantine, a mysterious industrialist who wants to make a deal with the new CEO. Is The Man with the Golden Soul ready for what comes next?

    We’ve laughed with them in Poker Face, Escape, Haunted and Delicious.

    We’ve held on to the edge of our seats as they showed us again and again that love can conquer all! Now, get more of everything you loved!

    Get more of their backstories, and the sweet, hot moments in between!

    Find out more about the mystery man, Thomas Meenan, as he weaves in and out of their lives. What secrets is he hiding in his past?

    What is the Chimera Club, and how did it start?

    Answers, mysteries and steamy love await you in All the Colors of My Heart – A Chimera Club Short Story Collection



    He was supposed to seduce her with his charm and his good looks. She saw through him in a way he never expected.

    Tony McIntire has spent his life sliding by on his appearance. His laser blue eyes and washboard abs have been the key to winning the attention of any woman he set his sights on. He thought Mila Samuels, a simple music school teacher, would be easy to win over. But once he meets her, he realizes that Mila doesn’t care about the man he is on the outside, only the man he is on the inside.

    Mila Samuels lost her eyesight when she was a child. She’s lived her life on the run and hiding from a man who took her from her family, tortured her and held her captive. She’s never had time for love, and doesn’t expect it when she rescues Tony from the clutches of a terrible woman who only wants to use him. Mila immediately sees the man inside, the one who matters, and finds herself falling for him despite the danger involved in letting her guard down around him.

    They both have secrets. They both have a mysterious past. Will their beautiful and unexpected love survive when the truth finally comes out?



    Their love breaks all the rules.

    Morgan Lightner has spent his life running away. First from a bitter father who resented his very existence, and then from the role he is forced into as CEO of a multi-billion dollar business empire. He didn’t ask for any of this. He’s quite sure he’s in over his head and about to drown, when he meets the one woman who can save him.

    Daphne Adams has always been a misfit. The way she sees the world has kept her on the outside. All she’s ever wanted is to make a difference. When she’s hired by Thomas Meenan to be Morgan Lightner’s new executive assistant at Draven International Holdings, she gets everything she’s ever dreamed of and more.

    Before they know it, Morgan and Daphne are deeply in love, but their business relationship forbids them ever crossing the line. She fantasizes about Morgan and his cowboy boots, while he dreams of showing her all the things about himself that he’s kept secret.

    When tragedy darkens their doorstep, Morgan and Daphne are given a chance to break through all the walls between them and be the people they secretly long to be with each other.

    Will they risk everything for their love?





    I am more than a man. 

    I am the lover that will take you to heights you’ve never imagined.

    I have seen stars turn to dust.

    I have felt my heart turn to stone.

    Then I found Sara, and knew that each long night waiting

    had been but a prelude to this time with her.

    But I met her in a dream, and we’re about to wake up.

    If I had found her sooner, we would have had more time.

    But it doesn’t matter because there would never be enough.

    I’ll defy the ticking clock and show her the passion she inspires

    in my immortal soul.

    Time will never take her from me.

    I will carry the taste of her on my tongue for eternity.

    I will whisper her name when the sun burns from the sky.



    A vampire’s love lives forever. 

    For thousands of years I waited to find my Sara.
    She was everything to me.
    Three years ago I lost her.
    The time without her has left me a cold, empty, shell of a man.
    I had given up hope when I found her again.
    But she doesn’t know who I am.
    Someone has stolen her memories of our time together.
    I’m going to make her remember our love.
    I’m going to make her remember what my touch can do to her body.
    I’m going to make her mine again, forever.
    Then I’ll find those who took her from me, and I’ll make them pay.



    Even time has no power over love.

    I thought I was done with the past, and could focus on building a future with Sara.
    But Alareon’s return has brought it all back, along with new dangers that could tear us apart.
    Sara fears his hold over me, and over Mads, too, because of their history.
    Mads once believed Alareon was the love of her life.
    But Alareon says I was the one he could never leave behind. This complicates everything.

    As the inevitable battle between humanity and the supernatural world comes closer, it is my hope that the wily demon lord can become an ally and a friend.
    I will use everything at my disposal to stop what is to come and keep Sara safe.
    There is nothing I wouldn’t do to protect her.
    When I make the hard choice, the only choice I can make to keep her alive, will she be able to forgive me?

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