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    16 Characters Enter – 1 will be the Champion

    Here’s how it works:

    Read the profiles posted here, then head over to the bracket and cast your vote. You can find out more about each character match-up by clicking on “vs.” and then “view match-up.”

    Round 1 – May 16 (16 characters)

    Round 2 – May 17 (8 characters)

    Round 3 – May 18 (4 characters)

    Final Round – May 19 (2 characters)



    Jaya FosterJaya Foster here, Gater extraordinaire.

    I can create portals from here to the other side of the planet with a wave of my fingers. Means I need to keep a piping hot thermos of coffee at my side at all times or risk hypothermia, but I know my limits. Being a level 5 I’m state trained to kill, just put two portals side by side and snap ’em off. Not that I’m a fan of the state shoving me around, but rocking the boat will get you shipped off to the glowing sea.

    With my skill, I don’t need to kill my opponent. Just drop ’em on top of a skyscraper and watch as they have to slowly climb down by themselves. No fuss, no muss.



    Rikuto FujitaGood day. I am Rikuto Fujita, an intragen officer tasked with maintaining the ebb and flow of registered jewels. And you wish to know what my skills are for this battle royale. Of course.

    Colloquially referred to as a Rocker, I am capable of splitting concrete in half, raising boulders through the air to hurl at my opponents, and shielding my entire body in granite. As you can imagine, it requires quite a touch of strength to move with hundreds of pounds of rock protecting your flesh so I’m often training my body.

    Or was that too great a hubris to mention?

    Regardless, my work and my high-level skill has trained me well to be both defensive tank and offensive heavy-hitter in a battle. Vote for me should you be so inclined, and thank you for your faith in my skill.



    Variel TuffmanWhatcha want? What? Speak up, I can’t hear you over the Orc blasts. Oh, right, right, my skill ranking in that battle challenge thing.

    Variel, Variel Tuffman if you’re working on my tombstone, which I highly doubt. What am I? Aside from the captain of a motley crew of ragtag scavengers crisscrossing the galaxy? Okay, you have to swear you won’t tell a soul because the CREST is always on the hunt. Promise? I was a Knight. Yeah, I know. Scary answers-to-no-one human-enforcers who carry around swords that can cut through literally anything.

    No, we don’t ‘retire.’ I kinda vanished after helping to win the Orc wars. Got my killer scar from that one and the title. But, you know when you work your whole life for something and then one day realize “Wait, this really sucks.”

    Well, that’s why I now command a sugar-addicted dwarf, a sweater-wearing orc, and a murderous engineer elf. If you don’t think someone who can keep those three in check and even productive on good days deserves your vote, then pick someone else.

    But you might want to sleep with one eye open.



    Pass me that bottle won’t you? I am called Nara. Nothing. Though I assume you know that already considering you bypassed my agents and landed directly on my doorstep. Excuse me, I have to finish this suture, I am bleeding all over my desk.

    Haven’t you learned not to stare at Outsiders? Now what can I do for you? Recon? Espionage? Have a competitor you need dirt on? Or perhaps an assassination, either brutal and messy to send a message, or quiet to let nature take its course? Ahhhh, you need an entire armed unit disposed of. I see.

    You should be well aware of my prices, given that I actually get the job done. I always request half up front. And I hope we have no problems collecting at the end. After all, they don’t call me Red Death on the streets for nothing.

    Good. I see we have an understanding.



    Good afternoon, I’m Beast Taylor! Yes, my ears and tail are real. My twin and I were raised in a lab in Hell Bent, PA, where I was trained as an assassin with my two closest friends. My sister was the one to provide me with these huge metal slabs I call arms and legs, an unfortunate necessity after many run-ins with one Lorena Wright (I swear she shall one day fall to the power of my claws…).


    By the way, if I even so much as suspect you of harming a child, you can expect a visit from my friends and I. And if you turn out to be guilty of such an infraction…our track record is a solid 99.9%, and I’ve been known to live up to my name…


    OOH! Cookies are done! ^_^


    Hywela Lyn

    Greetings. My name is Marchant – Kerry Marchant. I am the co-owner and second-in-command of the exploratory starship, The Destiny. I am not one to sound off about my achievements, but the ship was designed by me and built with the help (and financial backing) of  my friend and colleague, the commander of the ship, Jon Quinlan. It is my greatest achievement, my home and my world.

    I am told I appear cool, dour even on first impressions. True I do not suffer fools gladly. However I have been known to smile and, I do in fact, have a good sense of humour, albeit rather dry, some might say sarcastic, but then, they do not truly understand me.

    I will fight to the death to protect my ship and her crew, who are also my friends. If you and I should become close, I will fight to the death to protect you too – but the cosmos help you should you ever betray me.

    If you vote for me, I swear you will earn not only my gratitude, but my undying loyalty – and that is not given lightly.


    Dark haired, blue eyed and good looking, Kerry Marchant is a man haunted by his past. Taciturn and quiet, he is quick witted, speaks slowly and deliberately, and has a dry sense of humour that can sometimes be misinterpreted as sarcasm. Raised on Earth, as an orphan by a cruel and overbearing aunt, he was later sent away to be educated at a Government learning centre where he met and formed a lasting friendship with Jon Quinlan. Possessed of a brilliant mind, he soon displayed an aptitude for computer programming and AI. In his mid-twenties, he designed the Destiny, the beautiful and powerful exploratory starship which he part owns with Jon, who financed the construction of the ship and who is also her commander.

    Something of a loner, Kerry’s only really close friend is Jon, although he has respect and a certain amount of affection for the rest of the crew. He is single-minded in his determination to ensure the Destiny’s safety after foiling a plot to hijack her by an alien race, the Graaks. He has an inherent mistrust of women, while mourning the loss of the only woman he ever allowed himself to love. Although he does not show it, his emotions run deep and he cares more for his friends on board the Destiny than he will admit.



    JayaJaya: So we’re going to be fighting each other in the first round.

    Rikuto: It appears so.Rikuto

    Jaya: Well, I’m not going to go easy on you.

    Rikuto: I wouldn’t expect you to. But at least I need not worry about excessive force, right. Right Jaya.

    Jaya: We’ll see.

    Rikuto: Sweet Guld.

    Jaya: You could just forfeit…

    Rikuto: And miss the look upon your face when I win? Never.

    Jaya: You are so lucky you’re cute.



    Never aging past thirty, even into your eighties? Sounds like a nice problem to have, I know. But when everyone else you know ages normally, it’s not so comfortable. Always wondering why you’re different, and whether or not you have an “expiry date”? My name is Luta Paixon, and I need answers.

    I think my mother knows why–she was a geneticist, after all–but I haven’t seen her in over sixty years. I have to believe she’s still alive, but it’s no small task to track her down in the vast, wormhole-ridden expanse of Nearspace.

    And of course PrimeCorp never leaves me alone for long, since they think the secret to my longevity is in my DNA and they think they own that secret. Well, as far as I’m concerned, they don’t, and I’m not going to be their test subject. And I’ve got bigger problems to worry about, along with keeping my ship and crew busy working hauling cargo across Nearspace. My husband’s ninety, after all, and feeling every one of those years, and I can never seem to get past my daughter’s resentment that I didn’t pass along this anti-aging secret to her.

    I don’t know where my search for answers will take me–but I need them, and I’m going to get them. Whatever it takes.



    Sorry Rikuto, it was you or me. I’ll make it up to you later, I promise. Who am I fighting now? A cat?

    GAH! Those damn things keep playing with my portals. Fine. I’ll just drop you into a sardine factory. That should keep you busy, kitty.

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