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    Caleb Smith is a debut Author from Bangor, Maine – (End Of The Line) – where scary zombie cats, alien clowns, haunted hotels, miserable cabins in the woods, old run down prisons, and a thick horrendous mist does exist.

    Caleb spends his best hours of the day, reading, writing and studying spiritual realism through esoteric science. Since 2008, Caleb has been a student of the American Gnostic Institute Of Anthropology.  His new series (Longevity), heavily weighs on life beyond the physical plane with the humble ability to find one’s inner self, destroy the (I) ego, and explore higher dimensional space all painted in a fantastical setting with supernatural characters.  Concepts such as astral travel, reincarnation, the Akashic Records, spiritual transformation, paranormal connection, angelic connection, demonic battle, the series of cosmic/universal laws, Divine Mother Goddess of love, all of her elemental spirits, Christ, the Christ force, Jinn Science, The 7 Chakras, inferior realms of the mineral kingdom (Hell) , the superior realms of Heaven, God the Father of Wisdom, all his Saints & Angels. Lucifer and all his Demons, and the intellectual animal known as man stuck in the middle.

    This is a series concept that Caleb started back in 2006 when he first began his studies in Angelology. Since then much has been written in the story line that expects seven installments. With the first book: (The Wardens Of Time), released in October of 2018, the next installment, (Warrior’s Rise) is on target for spring of 2020.

    “Through a paranormal fantasy setting, it is my hope to bring the greater mysteries to life in a fantastical manner. To paint the picture of a hidden superior kingdom in a poetic tone. To rise against fear with my developing characters, and lift the veil that blinds their earthly eyes.”  – Caleb Smith


    “A spiritual thriller that skillfully celebrates determination and self-discipline.” –Kirkus Reviews

    ..”.the book inspires even after the final page has been turned.” -IndieReader

    “The real draw of Longevity lies in its ability to combine an epic fantasy quest with the real-world story of a shy loner’s growth process.” -Midwest Book Review

    “Excellent and entertaining reading for all ages.” -Leonard Steiner, author of Climb Up the Steel Mountain


    Any and all questions are encouraged!

    -Live Your Legend-

    You can reach me at the following links:

    Caleb Smith

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