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    AJ Mullican


    Raised in Alabama, AJ lives on four acres in southern Arizona with her husband and her Maine Coon mixes, Rory and River. Though she works in a busy medical office, she finds time in the predawn hours to write and craft. Rory and River help with that; if her insomnia doesn’t have her up dark and early, they will.

    AJ is active in historical medieval reenactment and is just as comfortable with a rapier in hand as she is with a pen. She also enjoys costuming and makes all her own historical garb and cosplay costumes. AJ likes to spend quiet nights at home when she can steal them, but she can often be found camping with chosen family or going to reenactment events or pop culture conventions.

    In WHISPERS OF DEATH, Sera Miller finds herself waking up in a pool of someone else’s blood–and it’s not the first time. Her blackouts have followed her since childhood, and she has no idea how to stop them. To add to her confusion, the FBI is on the hunt for not one but two killers–and Sera has never seen anyone else alive after one of her blackouts. Who is the stranger that’s following her, and will she find answers before she is caught?

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