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My latest release is an Aladdin retelling! Kingdom of Sand & Wishes is a box set with 9 stories, a collaboration between 9 amazing authors and mine is the last one!

A little bit about my story: You’ll meet Tristan, Nori, Alyssa and instead of Arabia, you’ll walk down the city of Granada in Spain. Fascinating, huh? You’ll read about the evil djinn that almost destroyed our world as well as how an hippopotamus saved it. *Bonus* There are cats!

Aladdin, but not as you remember it….

On the dusty streets, around the bustling bazaars, being overlooked by a Sultan’s Palace was a land. A land of magic, secrets and treasures buried deep beneath the desert.

Through Arabian nights, dark forces are at work. Dark forces that can threaten the peace of everyone in the Kingdom. Watch our authors as they answer the question, can three wishes save the day?

Join our award winning and USA Today best selling authors for nine action packed fantasy and contemporary retellings with Sultans, sorcerers, romance and more magic than a genie’s lamp can hold.

One click now for your happily ever after…