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Hades. Sheol. Gehenna. Naraka. Different names for the same place. The prison of the damned. Condemned souls sentenced to eternity in torment for the sins they committed in life.

A thousand years ago, Irzelen, a demon warden, resentful of the favor given to humans, released the souls under his charge, back to the mortal world.

For a millennium, bounty hunters have tracked and captured these souls, returning them to finish out their sentence, groomed from childhood into a world few mortals know anything about.

Fia Drake is headstrong and arrogant but not without good reason. She is the best of the best. But when the capture of one bounty goes sideways, she finds her whole world spiraling out of control. In order to find out what – and who – is at the bottom, she will have to break all of her own rules.

The first book of the Fia Drake Soul Hunter trilogy is scheduled for release in August, 2019. While you’re waiting, join me on Patreon and Wattpad where I’m sharing side stories and BTS treats.

To celebrate CyCon, every new subscriber to my Patreon gets access to a free autographed e-copy of my poetry collections. Visit my poetry booth for a taste.