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Gil Swanson has been struggling with PTSD for years after the death of his comrades.
When a mysterious woman from his past appears pleading for his help he jumps to her aid. Suddenly he finds himself in an epic battle between light and darkness.

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Mark, I am loving this book. Great story line and flow. The characters are developed slowly and in a very interesting direction. The entire concept was put together great and keeps the reads interest capture during every page turn.

Gary P.

From the Author

When I started writing this book I wasn’t aware of all of the emotions that it would bring out.

It came from multiple sources my individual experience in the military. My father’s and other stories and from the very beginning the book it took on a life on its own.

I wrote the book sitting in my easy chair on a tablet. ( My handwriting is atrocious, I got a D – in penmanship.) So night after night for two and a half months I worked on this book that changed my life. It proved to myself that I can do this.

Last but not least I’d like to thank everyone who beta-read the pieces as I put them together. Dee Rice, Brianna Kincaid, Taylor Morgan, Nadine Haggerty.

Finally, let me dedicate this book to the men and women of the US Armed Forces and those heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice. To you Dad, Love you much, miss you lots, bye.

ೋღ🧡About the Author

Born in 1958 I was raised in a military family and spent time in the service myself. When I was growing up I saw what PTSD does to people. That’s why I chose Gil, who rises above his own suffering to find love and redemption. Does he win, read on and find out.

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Mark McQuillen