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Robert E Cano II

I am Bene. Not human, nor can I die, but a wraith now, my soul no longer tied to my mortal shell.

I am still learning my powers, but I can fashion any weapon from the shadows that now create and recreate my form at my will. I am immortal, but live by a code of morality which forces me to often abandon thoughts of killing. On top of this, I have the ability to wield the power of lightning, able to channel this power through my shadows. Every weapon, including arrows, can be laden with this power, adding to my arsenal.

However, this does not mean I won’t kill. My shadows are strengthened by my sorrows. And should I refuse to feed on the life force of living creatures or from the life-magic of the land itself, I will suffer intense physical agony capable of crippling me, or forcing me to feed off the first or nearest living being near me. Yet, I cannot die. The more energy I expend, the quicker my hunger will return, the more danger those I love will be in.

Should I feed, I will carry the weight of their suffering within my body and mind for the rest of eternity. My only prayer is to find a much deserving death…somehow.