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Malice looks over each of her fellow competitors intently trying to assess what kind of threat theyd be. It looked like the females on the other hand had an advantage in the abilities department. She looked at the dragon curiously before bowing to it.

“Yeah that Dragon might be a problem.” she muses before moves on.

She notices the catwoman with the air of ancient Egypt about her.

“Bastet’s blessings upon you sister. May your eyes be keen and your teeth be sharp.” Mal says as she bows slightly to her, with her eyes on the lionesses.

As she walks she looks at Layla, the woman looks far too gentle to be part of this bloodsport.

Then finally at the young woman with the lion..She could almost be one of her sister Valkyries with her blonde hair and light eyes.

“Your felines magnificent,” says to Vespias, then louder to the rest.

“Which one of you is Jimbone?”