OWS CyCon for Businesses

In the past,  service providers and publishers have participated in CyCon primarily as volunteers, and thereby allowing them to demonstrate their skills and giving authors the opportunity to interact with them. A handful have participated as sponsors contributing financially towards making CyCon a success. (Find out more about becoming a CyCon Sponsor)

While we anticipate that many will still participate in this manner, we want to extend the exposure that service providers, publishers, and now bookstores will have if they participate in OWS CyCon.

How Does it Work?

When you sign up for CyCon, you will get your own virtual “booth.” For the service providers and publishers, their booths will be in Author’s Alley, where we invite authors to check out your wares and connect with you. Bookstores will have booths under genres that they feel best represent them or under the “other genres” section.

But that’s not all! We also want to get you involved with the other types of events happening throughout CyCon to get the right eyes on your offerings during and after the convention. The more places people can find info about you on the web, the better your Search Engine Optimization.

These events will vary depending on the number and types of sign-ups, and we are open to suggestions. These events could include things such as:

  • Joining our Genre Blog Hop to discuss your favorites and why you love them
  • Blog hops to share your personal/business philosophy, style, or preferences, and what you have to offer authors in term of both tangible and intangible benefits if they work with you.
  • Participating in a panel discussion with other people in your field about the state of the industry, publishing do’s and don’ts, the craft of writing, and other topics that relate to your work.
  • This year is the first year that we are specifically targeting bookstores and looking to get them involved. We would like to really delve into the possibilities of what we can do with bookstores as we grow in the industry. We would love to see a panel with bookstore owners discussing how indie authors can submit their books, how the bookstores go about selecting the books for their customers, talking about any special fun events or activities that you do to drive readers to your store.
  • And more!

Sounds like fun, right? Sign up and join our Facebook group to be up to date on these events as they are organized.

Eventually we would love to have mini CyCons held at bookstores and do a live feed from the store, possibly have local authors who are doing CyCon come out and do signings and such at the bookstore, and cross pollinating the real world and virtual conventions.

We’re certainly open to any other suggestions that you may have on how we can more fully incorporate service providers, publishers, and bookstores in OWS CyCon.

Join us today by signing up, then be sure to join the Facebook group so that we can plan all the exciting things for OWS CyCon moving forward!

Can’t find the answers to your questions? Feel free to e-mail us at owscycon@ourwriteside.com.