Fantasy Character Battles (On BracketNinja)

Fantasy Character Battles Tournament

It’s a full-on Battle Royale in the Fantasy Genre. We’re pitting characters against each other, and letting readers decide which of the characters should win.

Voting happens in rounds, and the winner of each round will progress to the next.

16 Characters will enter the tournament, but only one of them can come out on the other side, and earn the title “Fantasy Character Battles Champion 2019”


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Character Name


About the Character

Bene, The Dark Archer Wraith, “soulless wanderer.” Immortal, but with agony and torment of both mind and body. Kind and even minded, but struggles to maintain control over his desire to take life. Control over the dark magic that flows through his body, as well as the power of lightning.
Blodwyn Biggar Blodwyn, the necromancer, reanimated her cat as a companion to grant herself immortality. Having repeatedly been criticised by the matriarch for the way she used her magic she turned to Llywelyn and the two soon formed a close friendship. Just not close enough for preventing her to venture to darker spells…
Root Monsters Root monsters are magical constructs of the ship’s surgeon, Mal. They operate like a swarm, are somewhat tribal, and bring a comedy aspect to the story. They’re scary, helpful, and their minuscule size allows them to conduct and extra bit of thievery.
Captain Rafe Morrow, God of Souls A centuries old god, Rafe Morrow is the captain of the sailing ship Celestial Jewel, keeper of the After World, and guardian of lost souls. He has also taken on the duty of protecting the Outer Islands from magical threats. He has energy-based and spell-based magical abilities including the power to rip the soul from someone, killing their physical form.
Sarn Sarn is a single father of an awesome little boy named Ran who is his sidekick and official biographer. 😉 In addition being the best dad ever, he has two types of magic at his beck and call: a green one that casts shields, shakes mountains and pulverizes trouble wherever we find it; and a white one that breaks curses, lights up the darkness, and summons a thousand-foot-tall magical tree that is our country’s mythic queen. We unleash her on the really dangerous baddies. Sarn is also a Ranger in the enchanted forest and is an accomplished archer when his magic and his son aren’t distracting him. 🙂
Fire Fire is Mistress of the Tiger Clan. As her name implies, she has power over the element of fire. Her mortal skills include archery, hand-to-hand combat with a bo staff and using her unique advantage with claws and fangs.
Vespias Firstlight General Firstlight is an accomplished archer and strategist. She is always accompanied by her lion, Kasi. Her armor is Korvasian, able to withstand heavy sword hits.
Tamra Stoneheart Tamra is a nomadic, no nonsense mercenary who although comes across as a badness not to be crossed, has a deep sense of morality. Tamra is able to cut through the bullshit in a situation and get to the heart of the matter. If she isn’t happy with the result, she physically take the heart, no matter.
Asher Grey Asher is a shapeshifter from Flame Mountain. In his human form he is a badass rogue who reveals in knife-throwing, ale and poker. His dragon form is a fierce fire-breathing monster with no mercy for his enemies. In this series Asher joins a quest to recover the stolen Elven Jewel which protects their homeland.
Hayley At 14 years old, Hayley gets caught pickpocketing and is given the choice between becoming a squire or hanging. Sarcastic, belligerent, scrawny, and an ex-street-rat the last thing Hayley wants to do is listen to someone. Too bad for her, the most promising knight in the order picks her to serve him. What will happen to her if he realizes she’s awful or he learns the truth of her past?
Layla Slave to a queen, assigned to lure and seduce, her ability to deceive is her crowning glory. She can touch your heart, capture your love and then wield your affection into a storm that you hope is your death.
Viola Thorne Vi has the power of the Ghost Whisperer and the soul of Han Solo. This wise-cracking con woman would like nothing more than to leave behind her days of running errands for the dead, but her past and her powers refuse to stay buried. Vi is happiest with a whiskey in one hand and a marked deck of cards in the other.
Green Green’s an ordinary girl with a weird name who finds out she’s the only person in the world with free will. And that means nobody, not even an evil god with mayhem on his mind, can push her around. She’s a card-carrying atheist (despite having a deity for a boyfriend), a passionate vegetarian and stubborn as a mule.
Dante Canidea Dante is prince of his people, and uncrowned king (this will only happen if he bonds with an elemental companion, hopefully in bk3) Short and stocky, weapons trained, has a soul-wield/blood-bonded katana that seals into a tattoo in his hand, is good with throwing blades, not good with bows, thief trained, is linked to the semi-sentient magic Heart of his lands, giving him an extra well of magic to tap. Blind in right eye, except for seeing magic active or passive. Oh right, nearly forgot… He’s a wolf shapeshifter (not were- fully controlled) and can do a halfshift as well combining human and wolf strengths.
Jimbone He was a spry old man, slightly peaked, long-faced, beardless, and bald. His right arm was in a sling, his sad blue eyes watchful behind his spectacles.
Malice Six foot eight inches tall with Silver Hair and Violet Eyes. Along with wings and dark skin and athletic build Malice makes an imposing opponent..