OWS CyCon was born from B2B CyCon. Angela B. Chrysler had a vision in 2013 of a cyber convention for books. She hosted B2B CyCon for four years, and then in 2019 due to persona issues she could not continue.

However, her work in the indie community sharing this amazing event every year had created a special family, one that actually led to and fed other creative families like OWS Ink, LLC.

You see, Heidi, Rebekah, and Amanda all met at CyCon. If it had not been for CyCon, OWS Ink would not exist as it is today.

So when we heard that Angela couldn’t continue, we knew that we had to take up her mantle and continue her tradition of providing an exceptional online event that helped train new authors in marketing their books to readers, provided an exciting venue for readers to meet new authors, and would become a cornerstone in the book world.

We are so glad you’ve chosen to join us. Please be sure to take a look around and find your next favorite author.

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If you are an author and would like to learn more about OWS CyCon for authors, click here.