OWS CyCon Participant Overview

CyCon (AKA Cyber Convention) is a fantastic tradition that was started by Angela Chrysler of Brain to Books. The idea is a weekend-long book convention online (because, as we all know, sometimes it is just too people-y at other conventions!) 

Angela envisioned a space where authors were taught how to market their books, were given platforms to share and taught how to share. We got to network together to help build one another up. And of course, connect with readers along the way. That is a key tenant of what OWS Ink is about as well, and so we are honored to continue that tradition.

If you would like to learn more about participating in CyCon, take a scroll around the site and see what types of events and fun things we are doing for authors, bloggers, and more. (Want to join us as a reader instead? Come back May 17-19 and choose your favorite genre from the menu. The events and forums will be listed there. Sign up for our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss a thing!)

OWS CyCon for Authors

OWS CyCon for Bloggers, YouTube Channels, and Podcasters

OWS CyCon for Businesses – Service Providers/Publishers/Bookstores

OWS CyCon Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities (page coming soon!)

Already know you want to participate? Awesome! Fill out this form to get started as a participant, sponsor, or volunteer.  The sign up is open until March 15th and it is absolutely free to you. (Unless you want some hand-holding, but that is covered in the form.) You should also join our Facebook group so you can know about genre events and as new events get added.

Can’t find the answers to your questions? Feel free to e-mail us at owscycon@ourwriteside.com.