OWS CyCon for Bloggers, Booktubers, and Podcasters

In the past CyCon events, we’ve had blog hops and genre tours hosted by authors who are also bloggers. This year, we are reaching out to the book blogging community and inviting them to be part of this marvelous event. (Already know you want to join us? Fill out this interest form! and join our Facebook group to find out about each opportunity as they are announced.)

How Does it Work?

We are developing a host of themed hops with a variety of options for release. Every year, every genre gets a genre hop. Each stop writes a post about what they think “makes the genre,” then picks their favorite book from the genre and possibly adds a review of the book.

In the past we’ve had other fun hops, such as:

  • The MC pub crawl
  • The Creature Feature
  • My Book Boyfriend
  • Horror Hall
  • Urban Fantasy Villain Crawl
  • Character interviews
  • Tons of author interviews
  • And plenty more!

We’re open to suggestions for topics moving forward, especially those that may extend outside the realm of author interests and focus more on the booktube / bookstagram / book blogging aspects.

In addition, each blogger will get a “booth” in their preferred genre and be mixed in with the author booths. This virtual booth will be an opportunity for you to share a little bit about who you are as a blogger and show some samples of work that you’ve done. For example if you are also a booktuber / bookstagrammar you’ll be able to add in your images and links). You can also create a sign-up form if you are looking for authors to submit their books to review. If you do giveaways for new subscribers, we would encourage you to add something like that to your booth as well to capture new readers.

If you are interested in having your blog featured as part of CyCon 2019, please fill out this form, then be sure to join us over on the Facebook page to learn about individual opportunities as they are organized. If you have experience managing blog hops or tours and would be interested in volunteering to assist and set one up please be sure to let us know. Will connect you with the appropriate genre manager so that you can coordinate and plan together.

A heads up for next year, we would like to have a list of volunteers who would do reviews of books from this year and vote on the “best in genre” awards for OWS CyCon for next year. So, even if you can’t actively participate in the 2019 event, please fill out the form and join the Facebook group so you’re in the loop.

Can’t find the answers to your questions? Feel free to e-mail us at owscycon@ourwriteside.com.